3D Printing

DIY BMO 3D Printing Adventures!

3D printing adventurers! Now is your chance to build your very own BMO. When you’re busy being bored from a lack of romance or action, BMO will light up and make you feel better.  Of course, this BMO project lacks a lot of the fun and functionality of the real BMO from Adventure Time, but it’s better than nothing in this cruel, adventureless world.

3d printing hero
Be Warned: Actual DIY BMO does not move.

Adafruit’s BMO project begins with a 3D-printed BMO case.  You can print it in any color you like, but your friends will make fun of you if you choose anything but teal.

3d printing 3d parts

To get BMO super accurate, you should paint the letters on the side.

3d printing bmo painting

Then, you have to fill BMO with stuff: an Adafruit Gemma board, an 8×8 LED Matrix, and a rechargeable lipo battery.  Of course, these things will all have to be soldered together and the Gemma will have to be programmed using code found at Adafruit. You’ll also need a little button to make the LED Matrix display BMO’s wonderful programs.

3d printing complete circuit

Carefully assemble.

3d printing_ bmo closing cover

And you’re done!

3d printing hero

Watch Adafruit’s brief tutorial video below for a better idea of how BMO will work:

You might consider working on an upgrade, like a full-sized BMO kit with a more elaborate screen and maybe even robotic arms and legs.  That way, you can get BMO to do all of the things in the following clips:

Source: Adafruit