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Stratasys Creates Dental Advisory Board for 3D Digital Dentistry

As Stratasys extends its reach into the dentistry market, the company has established a dental advisory board to advance the field of digital dentistry.  The board is set to guide the company’s dental business unit, developing research and supporting Stratasys’ progress in the realm of dental goods and its various initiatives around dental education, clinical case studies and overall dental innovation.

Stratasys has laid out a number of objectives for the new board. In addition to supporting R&D work into new technologies and materials, the board will seek to extend digital dentistry to dentists and orthodontists. The body will also team up with other industry organizations related to the field, promote Stratasys to industry groups and distribute the best 3D printing practices to dental and orthodontic labs. The director of global dental for Stratasys, Avi Cohen, gave his perspective on the new board, saying, “We’re committed to adding value to the dental lab community by developing innovative 3D printers and materials that spur lab business growth. Establishing the dental advisory board is a first step in supporting industry trends and future needs that represent the unique dental labs community.

With 3D printing’s benefits in the field of dentistry and orthodontics, Stratasys’ range of Objet Eden and OrthoDesk 3D printers coupled with the new advisory board will help establish the company as a leader in the field of digital dentistry. So, next time you get a new 3D printed crown, this may give you something to think about — other than the pain or the inability to eat without dribbling! Source: Stratasys

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