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Geek Mom 3D Prints the Nerdy Cookie Cutters of Your Dreams

You can take the geek out of the geek space, but you can’t take the geek space out of the geek. So, when video game production artist Athey Moravetz left her job to raise her children, she never lost the itch to make geeky things. Her solution? Combine her love of cookies with her love of geeky things and you get 3D printed cookie cutters that, let’s be honest, you really, really want.mario cookies made with 3D printed cookie cutters

The Oregon mom loved the idea of being home with her children, but her kids still need to eat, so a home-based business was the obvious solution. Her idea was a simple one: use her 3D printer to sell stuff on Etsy for some extra money. Her awesome cookie cutters were a hit, and, soon, business was so big that the company she started with her husband needed its own website: WarpZone Prints.

adventure time cookies made with 3D printed cookie cutters

“I make things, and I make things that I like. And I like geeky things, therefore, I tend to make lots of geeky things,” Moravetz explains on her website. “If I think I’d go ‘Ooo! Neat! I want one!’ towards any idea my husband and I come up with, then I figure there’s probably other people out there that would feel the same way, and it’s worth a shot.”

Her shot seems to have hit the mark, because since they started their business, one 3D printer multiplied into a virtual army of them. She now uses a bank of 12 brand-spanking-new MakerBot Replicators to print all of her cookie cutters to order. And they’re all from ABS filament, so they are dishwasher safe and sturdy enough to be used over and over again. The cookie cutters aren’t ever warmed up, so Moravetz assures us that there won’t be any plastic contamination in the cookie dough.

3D printed dr. who cookie cutters with cookies

If you don’t know how to make sugar cookie dough, worry not; Moravetz has provided several great cookie recipes, and has even produced a video showing you how to make them:

She has dozens and dozens of designs, and I legitimately spent almost an hour going through them all, deciding which to share with you because I couldn’t post them all. Besides, part of the fun of visiting her website is scrolling through her store and discovering that, yes, she has, in fact, created a cookie cutter of your favorite geeky thing.

In addition to the designs that I’ve included here, the cookie cutters offered on WarpZone Prints include: My Little Pony, Archer, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Yo Gabba Gabba. She also has fans of live action TV show covered with her Supernatural, Firefly, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones. You can pick up every type of video game controller and even a Bitcoin. Yes, a Bitcoin, that, once baked, should remain relatively stable in value for once. And, just because they’re funny, she has the Picard Facepalm, Bill Nye, meme faces and more.

Moravetz also offers custom designed cookie cutters, if she has the time to produce them. As they’re made to order, she is willing to produce anything that you buy in the colors of your choice, provided that she has the material available. You can see all of the awesomely nerdy cookie cutters, as well as a few other cool nerdy things for sale, over on the WarpZone Prints website.