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UnionTech Showcases Innovative RSPro1400 at AMUG 2024 with RP America

RP America, a UnionTech reseller, is excited to showcase the UnionTech RSPro1400 at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) 2024 conference taking place from March 10-14 in Chicago, Illinois. 

This event highlights the RSPro1400, an industrial SLA 3D printer that stands out for its advanced multiple galvanometer technology. This feature enables high-speed, precision 3D printing by employing multiple scanners to precisely control the light beam’s movement, setting a new standard in the industry.

RSPro1400 system at AMUG 2024. Photo by UnionTech.
RSPro1400 system at AMUG 2024. Photo by UnionTech.

Enhanced Efficiency through Synchronous Operation

UnionTech’s innovative approach combines multi-scanner 3D printing with a multi-laser system, simplifying the optical system design and providing cost benefits. However, achieving synchronous operation with multiple lasers is currently a challenge in the market. 

UnionTech’s R&D team has developed sophisticated algorithms and system upgrades to achieve synchronized control of each laser. With this synchronization, 3D printing speed and efficiency are doubled. 

However, the galvanometer, an important component of the optical system, causes significant shape distortion due to its design principle. Currently, the industry uses a manual calibration method that has low accuracy, unstable results, and low efficiency to calibrate the scanner. 

UnionTech’s innovative automatic calibration technology for multi-scanners uses precise positioning, avoiding the difficulties of designing and using large calibration plates. 

The general manual calibration method involves 89 calibration points, but UnionTech’s multiple galvanometer series 3D printer can establish 1,798 calibration points with a spot position detector, achieving a fully automated calibration process with 0.06–0.1 mm accuracy. This process is not affected by human factors, ensuring the stability and accuracy of the 3D printed parts.

The UnionTech team with the RSPro1400 system at AMUG 2024. Photo by UnionTech.
The RP America team with the RSPro1400 system at AMUG 2024. Photo by UnionTech.

Revolutionary Splicing for Superior Mechanical Integrity

UnionTech’s R&D team is dedicated to enhancing the splicing overlap area of their 3D printers. 

They have implemented a new splicing scanning algorithm that seamlessly joins the two sides of the same molding part scanned by adjacent scanners. This innovation increases the contact area between the halves, ensuring superior mechanical properties in the spliced section. 

UnionTech’s ‘cross splicing’ technology guarantees that both the surface quality and mechanical integrity of the molded parts in the splice area are preserved, achieving over 90% similarity to parts scanned by a single scanner. This ensures that the parts exhibit comparable qualities throughout.

UnionTech is showcasing the RSPro1400 system at AMUG 2024. Photo by UnionTech.
RP America is showcasing UnionTech’s RSPro1400 system at AMUG 2024. Photo by UnionTech.

Pioneering Large-Format 3D Printing Innovation

Dr. Qingxiao Yu, Vice President and General Manager of the R&D Center at UnionTech, emphasized the company’s commitment to pioneering innovative technologies. 

UnionTech has developed China’s first large-format multi-scanner automatic calibration technology. This advancement allows for the stable and precise calibration of multiple scanners, correcting any scanning distortions and ensuring the molding accuracy of large-sized 3D printed parts. 

The multi-scanner stitching calibration technology, through image processing, guarantees that the deviation between two light spots in the stitching area is less than half a light spot. UnionTech’s novel splicing technology for multiple scanners ensures that the mechanical properties of the molded part at the splice are virtually identical to those of the non-spliced part. 

Parts 3D printed UnionTech RSPro1400. Photo by UnionTech.
Parts 3D printed on the UnionTech RSPro1400. Photo by UnionTech.

These technological breakthroughs guarantee that large-format 3D printing can produce one-piece parts with exceptional dimensional accuracy, surface quality, and splice strength. UnionTech offers its customers convenient, reliable, and efficient solutions for producing large-size one-piece parts.

UnionTech’s multiple Galvanometer scanners 3D printing technology is the result of continuous efforts and innovation driven by algorithm upgrades, process improvements, and other advanced technology research results. 

UnionTech is committed to overcoming real-world challenges while prioritizing customer needs. The ultimate goal of this technology is to help accelerate the transition to intelligent manufacturing and create infinite possibilities for businesses to increase revenue.

Parts 3D printed on the UnionTech RSPro1400 system currently being showcased at AMUG 2024. Photo by UnionTech.
Parts 3D printed on the UnionTech RSPro1400 on display at AMUG 2024. Photo by UnionTech.

Technical Specifications of the RSPro1400

TechnologyStereolithography Appearance (SLA)
Build Volume1400 × 700 × 500 mm ( 55.1 × 27.6 × 19.7 in )
AccuracyDimension <100 mm: ±0.2 mm
Dimension ≥100 mm: ±0.2% x Dimension
Layer Thickness0.1-0.25 mm
Scanning Speed6-10 m/s
Machine Dimensions1885 × 1835 × 2100 mm
74.21 x 72.24 x 82.68 in
Machine Weight1907 kg

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Featured image shows the UnionTech team with the RSPro1400 system at AMUG 2024. Photo by UnionTech.