3D Printing

Stratasys Announces Soluble Support for PolyJet 3D Printing

Stratasys’ PolyJet 3D printing technology is really a site to behold, capable of producing multimaterial, multicolor prints like nothing else out there.  And, today at formnext, the company introduced a new soluble support material to their huge portfolio of PolyJet synthetics.

SUP706 soluble support material for Stratasys polyjet 3D printing

The material, dubbed SUP706, is meant to reduce the time and labor necessary to clean 3D printed models.  With a two-step, soak-and-rinse process, post-processing of parts printed on PolyJet triple-jetting 3D printers is made simpler and more efficient.  David Tulipman, director of product management for PolyJet consumables at Stratasys, says of the product, “The development of SUP706 provides a great combination of advantages for 3D printing users. Owners of PolyJet-based 3D printers can now print small, intricate features with greater reassurance, and clean several parts at once, enabling high volume 3D printing that’s both cost-effective and hassle-free.”

SUP706 soluble support for Stratasys polyjet 3D printing

SUP706 is now immediately supported by all PolyJet Triple-Jetting systems, including the Objet260 1/2/3 and Objet350/500 1/2/3 and is compatible with all other PolyJet materials, except for that used to create hearing aids.  Prototyping firms that house this exciting technology will now have an even easier time creating complex shapes in almost every color (and material?) of the rainbow.