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RP Platform extends additive manufacturing software with email integration

London based software company RP Platform has announced an update to its software management platform to integrate emails for more efficient order management.

The company offers customizable “software solutions that automate the entire quotation, ordering and production process for companies offering additive manufacturing services.”

To further support additive manufacturing service providers, RP Platform has now incorporated email systems to streamline customer requests and communication.

Features of the RP Platform software. Image via RP Platform.
Features of the RP Platform software. Image via RP Platform.

“Email integration is a huge gap”

With the new update, once an email is received a file is created within the user’s system to manage all future project communications. This process is done automatically and will “help maintain a higher degree of efficiency, transparency and consistency throughout the entire project lifecycle, from the initial quote to delivery of the printed part.”

The update supports Gmail, Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange. Keyvan Karimi, Founder and CEO, explains the new feature, “has been a long time in development.” Karimi adds, “email integration is a huge gap is most AM companies’ workflow management” especially since, “the percentage of customer communication that now takes place via email.” Karimi believes this issue can be a stumbling block, “particularly during this period of rapid growth and innovation the sector is enjoying.

Recently, Keyvan Karimi gave us his thoughts on the future of 3D printing in our thought leadership series.

RP Platform's software services. Image RP Platform.
RP Platform’s software services. Image RP Platform.

Automating workflow

Software is an integral part of the 3D printing process and this extends to manufacturing bureaus. Management software is used by many of the 3D printing bureaus to automate quoting and ordering processes.

New York manufacturing bureau, Voodoo Manufacturing has developed proprietary software to manage its 3D printer farm with an automated robotic arm and conveyor belt.

RP Platform’s email integration is already available to current customers and Karimi states,

We’re confident this type of strategic automation will benefit all areas of AM operations, leaving companies perfectly positioned to deliver a better customer journey and uncover innovative new solutions to the sector’s evolving challenges.

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