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French 3D Printer Manufacturer Groupe Gorgé Acquires its Own Materials Firm

Groupe Gorgé has begun building up its portfolio in the effort to transform itself into a 3D printing powerhouse.  After the acquisition of Prodways, French manufacturer of a unique LED digital light processing (DLP) 3D printer, at the end of last year, the company has added a materials company to its belt.  DeltaMed GmbH is a manufacturer of photosensitive resins for additive manufacturing.

3d printed hearing aid from delta med and groupe gorge 2
This object, looking like something from a David Cronenberg movie, is a 3D-printed hearing aid from DeltaMed.

The German materials manufacturer has spent over fifteen years developing photosensitive resins for medicine and industry, selling its wares to “several leading manufacturers of 3D printing machines“, as the press brief puts it.  The research and development teams have so far created four ranges of resins for the additive manufacturing of 30 different products in the hearing aid (to the right), dental (seen above), casting, and technical sectors.  The company’s quality control system gives DeltaMed the ability to ensure medical devices are up to the standards of the European Union, the US, and Canada, as well as other countries.  DeltaMed can, when running at full capacity, produce up to 50 tons of resin a year, while “in compliance with the most stringent standards“, according to the press release.

The acquisition will aid Gorgé Group’s Prodways by acting as an in-house producer of resins.  Though it is claimed, by the company, that Prodways manufacturers “the most efficient 3D printing machines for a certain number of applications“, they have, until now, been limited by the overall variety of materials for such applications.  With DeltaMed, Prodways will be able to sell its customers the ideal combination of machine and material for a given use.  At the same time, the DeltaMed team will continue to sell its resins to clients.

I got a funny feeling reading this news, struck by a vision of Gorgé Group becoming a big name in the 3D printing industry ten years down the line.  Of course, visions of the future are usually baseless, but, as an Aquarius, I have to pay particular attention to every one that I have.  Will Gorgé Group climb up the ladder to become a dominant player in the world of 3D printing? More tangibly, if DeltaMed previously sold materials to “several leading manufacturers of 3D printing machines“, will those other 3D printer manufacturers now be sh*t out of luck?

Source: Herald Online

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