3D Printing

Free 3D Printable of the Week: Cars & Critter Toys for Kids

This week’s free 3D printables were designed by the folks over at Dream Factory, who have designed an entire 3D  printable city of toys for kids ages 4 to 8.  The set, titled BuddyRacers, is made up of six cute critters and their six cute hot rods, all with 3D printable wheels and chassis, so that the cars can really move.

But it doesn’t end with the BuddyRacers, as Dream Factory has created the town and streets for the Buddy Racers to drive around on.  Dream Factory describes the set as a means of teaching kids some great hobbying and play skills, writing, “BuddyRacers can help your child learn creativity, imagination, model making, and improve their fine motor skills. They get to use tools like paint, scissors, glue, and stickers. BuddyRacers is best played with friends & adults, where your child can learn to share and work together in a group.”

3D printed buddyracers from dream factory

And, in case you’re interested in what the BuddyRacers are into, Dream Factory has that covered too: “BuddyRacers are animals who love to play in their cars, discovering farms, cities, and racetracks.” One thing that the BuddyRacers aren’t interested in is being difficult to print, as they’re meant to be quick to print without any support structures.

3D printed buddyracers from dream factoryThe best part about BuddyRacers is that they’re completely free and open source, so that anyone can 3D print them, print out the decals and roads, and start crafting a BuddyRacers town.  And, from the looks of it, this is just the beginning for Dream Factory, as they’ve got plenty more on their website, including a series of printable racecars and motorcycles (for an older audience?), some more cute characters, and a partnership with Spanish electronics company bq to see the sale of the Wibox 3D printer on their site.

From the looks of it, this is a brand to keep an eye on.  And, if you’d like to start printing out all of the BuddyRacers this weekend, head over to Dream Factory for all of the supplies (decals, buildings, and roads).  And, below, you’ll see a few of the BuddyRacers parts in full 3D to spin around or download at your delight. The full set of characters and cars can be found here or at Dream Factory.