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Easy 3D: a novel online platform by 3YOURMIND and Arkema

On-demand manufacturing software provider 3YOURMIND and material experts Arkema have announced ‘Easy 3D’ – an online platform that links Arkema customers to suppliers providing Arkema materials.

Engineers who use this platform gain access to Arkema’s powerful material suggestions, which aid in decision-making and the advancement of part applications for on-demand manufacturing. Furthermore, this novel platform thrives on 3YOURMIND’s digital expertise by establishing a comprehensive network that allows users to order parts using high-quality materials, technologies, and additive manufacturing suppliers.

“This platform is the perfect fit between Arkema material and 3YOURMIND’s digital expertise, ensuring it will bring value to users. We are delighted to collaborate on such an innovative initiative to support AM adoption,” said Pierre Gonnetan, the Key Account and Business Development Manager at Arkema.

Arkema part screening platform. Image via Arkema.
Arkema part screening platform. Image via Arkema.

What does the Easy 3D platform bring to the table?

“As a material provider, Arkema’s expertise ensures that AM materials are suitable for certain applications,” says Stephan Galozy, Vice President of Product at 3YOURMIND. “Our customers will benefit from it as they can trust that all suggested materials by 3YOURMIND software are market proven and significantly reduce the time for qualifying parts.”

The Easy 3D platform streamlines the process of requesting parts from Arkema’s supplier network based on particular material specifications. Customers can safely upload their part information to the Easy 3D platform to compare and assess distinct Arkema materials production methods. Customers can then use 3YOURMIND’s in-platform capabilities to simplify part-ordering efforts, such as printability analysis, automatic price quoting, data analytics, and production and shipping transparency.

Consequently, customers will benefit from 3YOURMIND’s intuitive, user-friendly software by utilizing the Easy 3D platform, including less time identifying and qualifying parts for AM use cases, says the company. Order-to-production timelines are shortened, and automatic price estimates are provided. Furthermore, Easy 3D acts as a centralized communication platform, increasing transparency and sharing production and shipping updates.

“As pioneers in 3D printing, we developed for over 20 years high-performing materials enabling applications such as automotive and aerospace parts, customized consumer goods, prosthetics, dental models and implants, head protective gear, etc. We continue the co-innovation with our partners and customers to expand the possibilities in additive manufacturing,” said the Key Account and Business Development Manager at Arkema. 

Arkema digital inventory platform. Image via Arkema.
Arkema digital inventory platform. Image via Arkema.

Reflecting on 3D platform milestones in additive manufacturing

Earlier this year, Siemens Energy, an energy technology provider, and ZEISS, a maker of metrology devices, formed a joint venture to develop MakerVerse, a one-stop on-demand 3D printing fulfillment platform. The platform’s goal is to link industrial customers with a worldwide network of accredited 3D printing suppliers for projects involving the creation of design prototypes and on-demand replacement parts. Before introducing additional technologies like CNC machining and injection molding, the platform initially offered core additive manufacturing technologies.

Furthermore, Barcelona-based FDM 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D had previously announced the introduction of its exclusive Cloud platform. The novel web-based platform replaced the company’s old Cloud software and is based on the core technology of AstroPrint, a software company that BCN3D purchased in July 2021. Consumers of BCN3D can scale their operations and simplify their 3D printing workflows with this update thanks to features like real-time fleet management, remote build monitoring, enhanced team collaboration, and more.

Elsewhere, a comprehensive 3D printing process management tool for industrial users, the CO-AM open software platform was unveiled by Materialise, an additive manufacturing software developer. CO-AM is a cloud-based program designed for large-scale manufacturers that provides access to a broad range of software tools (including ones from third parties) for organizing, managing, and optimizing the 3D printing workflow. Users in industries like aerospace, automotive, medicine, and energy can gather the software tools they use most frequently thanks to the platform’s open architecture. Additionally, it makes the production data for a facility easily accessible so that users can continuously monitor and enhance their workflows. Materialise claims that CO-AM is an “important milestone” toward achieving its objective of providing its entire software portfolio in a cloud-based format

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Feature image shows Easy 3D platform. Image via 3YOURMIND.