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BCN3D launches its new Cloud platform for scalable 3D printer fleet management

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BCN3D, a Barcelona-based manufacturer of FDM 3D printers, has announced the launch of its new Cloud platform.

Intended to replace the company’s current Cloud software, the new web-based platform is based on the core technology of AstroPrint, a software firm that was acquired by BCN3D this past July. With the new release, BCN3D customers will be able to streamline their 3D printing workflows and scale their operations with real-time fleet management, remote build monitoring, improved collaboration between teams, and more.

“For our current clients, the integration of AM processes in their business is becoming more critical as the applications are more demanding,” said Daniel Arroyo, Chief Software Officer of BCN3D. “With increasing printed part volumes, more people, and more machines interacting, the workflow needs to be robust and seamless. To support those customer needs, the vision of BCN3D is to provide software layers that add effective value on top of hardware, closing the circle of an enterprise-level solution.“

The BCN3D Cloud web-based platform. Photo via BCN3D.
The BCN3D Cloud web-based platform. Photo via BCN3D.

A move towards industrial applications

With its most recent 3D printer releases – namely the Sigma D25 and Epsilon Series – BCN3D has shifted gears towards the industrial-grade 3D printing markets. According to the firm, its main verticals in 2021 are the automotive, manufacturing, and engineering sectors, with its primary applications becoming functional parts, tooling, and low volume batches.

This transformation really started in 2019, when BCN3D announced its high-performance materials partnership with BASF Forward AM and Mitsubishi Chemical. A year later, the company launched its Smart Cabinet system, an add-on device designed to ensure filaments are always kept at low humidity levels.

BCN3D technology has since been a cornerstone of several automotive projects, with the Elisava Racing Team from Barcelona’s University School of Design and Engineering using it to 3D print end-use parts for an all-electric intelligent mountain rescue motorcycle. Earlier this summer, car manufacturer Nissan also began using the technology to bolster its automotive production lines in Spain, 3D printing parts such as tools, jigs, and fixtures.

The BCN3D Cloud is designed to streamline 3D printer fleet management for enterprise-level applications. Photo via BCN3D.
The BCN3D Cloud is designed to streamline 3D printer fleet management for enterprise-level applications. Photo via BCN3D.

BCN3D Cloud: Standard, Teams, and Private

To keep up with its own hardware advancements, BCN3D has now turned to its software portfolio. The new BCN3D Cloud aims to combine remote fleet and resource management under one digital roof, enabling companies to more easily implement controlled 3D printing workflows. It will be available to use from October 13th onwards under three different plans: Standard, Teams, and Private.

The BCN3D Cloud Standard plan will be included for free with all Epsilon Series and Sigma D25 3D printers. Users will be able to utilize a digital part library, queue management, print job organization and prioritization, and clusters, which enable sets of printers to be grouped together based on different characteristics or features. Customers on the Standard plan will also have access to real-time statistics, allowing for on-the-fly workflow analysis and actionable insights.

Next up is BCN3D Cloud Teams, which is more geared towards larger organizations that need to establish a departmental structure with configurable roles and access permissions for each of their employees. The Teams plan also unlocks the Workflows feature, which allows customers to create several different 3D printing workflows to better manage an internal fleet. Some employees will be able to add files to the workflow, while others will be responsible for overseeing the printing process, all depending on the assigned roles. Teams can be trialed for a three month probation period, then €495 ($595) per year.

Finally, the BCN3D Cloud Private plan is designed for organizations and projects where privacy and security are of utmost importance. This will be an on-demand plan.

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Featured image shows the BCN3D Cloud web-based platform. Photo via BCN3D.