3D Printing

Could Your Next Book be Getting the 3D Printed Treatment?

3D Printing could even be making itself known in a bookstore near you, but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to enjoy that new book smell. Those paper pages won’t be going anywhere.

Anthony Phills, an award-winning designer, has developed what could be the start of a new direction for book packaging, with his 3D printed Barry Bonds book packaging.


In the realms of marketing and Point of Sale, first impressions are incredibly important in order to draw in potential buyers. Without engaging packaging, even the most amazing of products lie at risk of never being bought. In this case, Phills had to couple up his design skills with an equally as interesting book. A particular feature that’s had great success drawing in customers, is interactive packing, and Phill did well to feature this in his work.


“For 30+ years, my focus has always been on human-centered design. I believe that a story you present to the world has to be relevant, crisp, and, most importantly, involving. It should be able to make the audience believe in it & drive them to act, and for that you have to ensure a high level of interactivity with the whole packaging. This is why I came up with Next-Gen 3D book packaging design that would ensure a livelier user experience, leading to an improved pulling effect for your book; something that is not possible with traditional static book packaging. I am hopeful that this will dawn a new era in book packaging designing,” said Phills.


This packaging was designed to go with Phill’s latest work, “Designing for the Home Run King”, which is a Limited Edition book about Barry Bonds, an iconic Major League Baseball player. The book also goes into depth about the importance of design within building brands.

Make sure to check it out here! http://phills.com/homerunking