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Cooksongold & Boltenstern collaborate to make waves in luxury industry

Boltenstern specialises in developing innovative designs and design systems made from precious metals.  “The direct collaboration with Cooksongold is a unique symbiosis and opportunity allowing for direct feedback between design, machine, material and end-product in order to optimize and develop the revolutionizing production process,” says Founder and Head of Design at Boltenstern, Marie Boltenstern, who has a background in architecture with specialisation on computational design. By integrating Cooksongold’s Direct Precious Metal 3D Printing technology, Boltenstern is revolutionizing design and fabrication methods of precious metal products within the luxury industry.

In addition to selling their own innovative range of products and collections online, Boltenstern will now be providing the service of developing customisable products together with other luxury brands. The young company further seeks to spread and broaden the awareness of the unique technology. Emerging from a traditional Austrian luxury jewelry house, Boltenstern brings together deep knowledge about cutting-edge computational technology with longstanding experience in traditional goldsmith work.

Cooksongold, as the supplier of the first Direct Precious Metal 3D Printing system and supporting Advanced Metal Powders into the jewelry and watch industries, is excited about Boltenstern bringing these cutting-edge products to market, by using and educating the markets about their brand-new technology. With a long history as a leading global supplier of fabricated precious metals, Cooksongold has a deep understanding of the handling and manufacturing of precious metals.

precious m080 printer

Additionally, through this collaboration, Boltenstern will also have access to an innovative end-to-end manufacturing solution, created for the jewelry and watch making industries through the partnership of Cooksongold and EOS and is unique in the market today. The cutting-edge technology of the Precious M080 machine offers the potential to create remarkable and previously impossible design typologies capable of standing out as landmarks of a brand’s ingenuity, vision and individuality.

About Boltenstern GmbH:

Boltenstern designs and develops high-end luxury products made of precious metals, combining cutting-edge 3D – technology with yearlong traditional goldsmithing experience. It was founded as a luxury jewellery brand in 1964 and has since been known for remarkable and outstanding luxurious designs.

About Cooksongold:

Cooksongold is the UK’s biggest jewellery making supplier and supplies precious metal for investment and for jewellery projects. Customers can buy gold, silver, palladium and platinum in forms like bars, sheet, grain and tube. Cooksongold’s website features the latest precious metal prices. The company is now part of the Heimerle + Meule Group.