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Shining 3D Global Partner Summit – A Global Event for Shining Professionals

On July 27-28, the 2016 SHINING 3D Global Partner Summit will be open at SHINING 3D New Headquarters in Hangzhou, China.

77 Industry experts from 46 companies of different fields and 23 countries will attend this grand festival. There will be 15 keynote speeches, where speakers will be discussing 3D scanning and 3D printing technology as well as reaching a consensus on how 3D printing products in China makes the most of its market worldwide.

3D Printing, is a high-precision advanced technology, which has grown after years of development in China. SHINING 3D, differing from the those who developed at home first, has focused on overseas business for more than ten years since their establishment in 2004. The 3D printing products from SHINING 3D have been used in over 70 countries and regions. SHINING 3D is dedicated to developing the 3D Printing Ecosystem and providing the right solutions and services to their end users. And now, they hope more friends around the world join them and create value from 3D scanning and 3D printing.


The summit lasts for two days from July 27th to July 28th, consisting of three workshops, which includes 3D Scanner & 3D Printer Workshops, Dental Workshops and User & Marketing Workshops.

SHINING 3D CEO Mr. Li Tao will introduce how SHINING 3D has become a leading company in 3D digitizing and 3D printing in China, the achievements and goals, and the SHINING 3D international policy.


3D Scanner & 3D Printer Workshop

In the 3D Scanner & 3D Printer Workshop, representatives from Aniwaa, 3D Printing Systems and Geopoints-3Dscanservice, will attend to discuss the current development and application of 3D scanning and 3D printing. Byan Hu, sales manager of Somos, will introduce how to speed up the development of 3D printing products from the angle of materials.



Dental Workshop

Digital solutions are being recognized as a very important part of the dental industry. From the popularity of Cone Beam CT to intraoral 3D scanners, to digital implant and tooth making, technology have been vastly improved. In the dental workshop, Prof. from Taiwan University will introduce how to connect intraoral 3D scanning with CT to explain digital implanting and orthodontic treatment. Additionally, technicians from SHINING 3D will explain various dental solutions from 3D scanning, 3D design to 3D printing.


User & Marketing Workshop

Apart from the technical and professional workshops, SHINING 3D sets up the session for star users. Co-founders who have invested in a lot of research for 3D scanning and 3D printing will share how they get more exposure for their brand, build on strategies and achieving their business goals.


SHINING 3D CEO Mr. Li will also give a speech about the advantages, applications and use cases of SLA 3D printers in different industries. He will also be speaking about how to get rapid manufacturing metal parts from Shining3D SLS/SLM machines, application cases, showing examples of metal parts and explaining integrated solutions for 3D printing and 3D scanning.

CTO from Tenyoun 3D will also uncover the secrets of SHINING 3D’s newest industrial 3D scanning technology and the detailed applications.

More information about the summit, please visit: http://event.shining3d.com/s/174ve9