3D Printing

A 3D Printed Lamp Anyone Can Build at Home

Based out of Warsaw, Polish design firm UAU Project has been making a splash on French 3D printing repository Cults, where their Cork Pals are among the cutest printables I’ve seen so far.  Using 3D printed heads and tails, anyone can transform an unneeded wine cork into a fun animal toy.  UAU has taken this approach, of combining 3D prints with traditionally-made items, to form functional objects with their latest project dubbed SMF, or Self Made Furniture.

3D printable smf.01 lamp from uau project cults

So far, UAU has only released one SMF item, but it’s a nice one to launch the collection. The SMF.01 lamp takes the DIY platform of IKEA a step further, empowering users to become Makers and build the lamp at home. Assembling the lamp requires only the 3D printable set, along with wood strips and a light cord with a light bulb socket, with no need for glue or nails. Watch the assembly below:

The model only costs $6.53 and, interestingly, includes the screws and rig for the lampshade.  Purchasing the 8 wooden legs and bulb socket will likely not cost that much either.  Altogether, this is a pretty affordable and fun weekend project.  And, at the end, you’ll be gifted with the knowledge that you can build your own lamp at home. Check out the SMF.01 lamp here.  Or just watch it endlessly built below.