3D Printing

Zazzy Joins Shopify’s Massive Online Marketplace for 3D Printing e-Shops

Starting off back in 2013 with a strict focus on customizable 3D printed charm bracelets, the 3D jewelry platform Zazzy has quickly expanded into new territories both inside and outside the of the jewelry market. After venturing into customizable 3D printed necklaces and cufflinks, Zazzy has quickly become a popular place to sell and purchase custom 3D jewelry, claiming to have had a total 60,000 people selling over 300,000 3D designed accessories on their platform. Now, Zazzy has announced a partnership with the massive e-commerce marketplace Shopify, looking beyond jewelry and into the limitless world of 3D printed goods.


Zazzy has fully integrated their platform in Shopify, which hosts over 175,000 e-shop owners already. The integration will allow current and future Shopify shop owners to utilize Zazzy’s platform to create, market, and sell their own 3D designed accessories and goods, which when sold will be printed and shipped to the consumer through Zazzy. By expanding from jewelry into other accessories such as phone cases, figurines, and key-chains, Zazzy seems to have recognized that unique and trendy 3D design is not just limited to jewelry. The coupling of Zazzy and Shopify will ultimately help bring customizable 3D printed goods to a wider audience, and thus will likely help to increase both the quality and quantity of purchasable 3D printed products.

“Our goal is to make on-demand production easy accessible, so anyone can turn their ideas and designs into beautiful products”, said Zazzy’s founder and CEO Gert Jan Spriensma. “We’re seeing a huge opportunity in the next two years for the direct-to-consumer selling of products that have been created by talented individuals, without the use of expensive technology”.


Though the integration was completed quite recently, over 50 shops have already utilized the collaborative marketplace platform. In fact, one of these e-shops, the well-known gaming YouTube channel Geek & Sundry, has claimed to have received their highest daily revenue ever as soon as they used Zazzy and Shopify’s integrated platform. If you think you have what it takes to design and sell unique jewelry and other accessories, it may be worth getting your 3D goods up on Shopify’s vast network, now that it is fully compatible with Zazzy’s 3D printing services.