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Customizable 3D Printed Jewelry from Zazzy is Back

Almost a year ago, I wrote about a site for customizable 3D printed jewelry called Zazzy.  Back then, Zazzy was only in beta, but I was able to play around with the 3D printed bracelets the company was working on and mocked up some 3D printed charms.  Over the past year, the Dutch company has been renovating the site, performing a complete facelift and adding a number of new pieces of jewelry.  In other words, Zazzy is ready to meet the public.

zazzy 3D printed origami necklace

When I first used the site, the jewelry options were limited to “arm parties”, charm bracelets on which you type out the text of your choice in a cursive font and have it 3D printed in colored nylon or metal plating.  Zazzy has since modified this arm party design into much larger statement necklaces and, with a number of more intricate jewelry designs, seems to have shifted its demographic from tweens to young adults. All of the pieces on the site are customizable and offer customers much more control over what they design. You can still write out text for your “Big Talk” necklace or “Whisper” ring, but now, the “Origami” and  “Honeycomb” necklaces allow customers to draw their own shapes.

zazzy 3D printed origami cat editor
Look! I modified the origami cat to look like a sad cat with wings!

With the Origami line, you’re able to add, drag, and subtract simple black lines into any form.  It takes a little bit of work to draw something you like, but it’s any easy process for anyone looking for a cute, wireframe kitty cat necklace.  The Honeycomb line also gives you the ability to drag shapes – this time hexagons – into nice pieces of geometric art.  Some of the “Coming Soon” items expand on the possibilities of 3D printed customization even further with 8-bit pendant designs, 3D printed cufflinks, and what looks to be some sort of wave form bracelet.

zazzy 3D printed honeycomb bracelet

Altogether, it looks as though, over the past year, Zazzy has really grown up and begun to find itself.  No longer the spunky tween it once was, Zazzy has just gotten its driver’s license and is ready to roll.  And, on a completely unrelated note, “Zazzy” is really fun to say with a nerdy lisp, jazz hands, and an exclamation point. Just try it: “Thzathzy!”