3D Printing

3D Printing e-NABLE Superhands with The Marvel Universe

3D printing allows prosthetic designers to eliminate traces of traditionally manufactured devices and replace them with customized designs.  Often times, the wearers end up with an artificial limb that looks like it was transplanted out of a comic or graphic novel.  It’s interesting how shifting the design of a prosthesis can help those who wear them feel more positive about having to wear one.  Thanks to sensing technology like scanners, great 3D software and 3D printing, a medical expense has been obliterated and the person can now have major input into the style, look, and feel of the prosthesis.

Recently, in Dallas, Texas, 6 new heroes prepared to be armed with e-NABLE 3D printed superhands joined the cast of Marvel Universe LIVE!, to fight evil super villains and bring them to justice… with their families and the staff of Feld Entertainment. Together, 4 members of the e-NABLE team, 5 cast members from Marvel Universe LIVE! and 6 children – Hudson, Miah, Abby, Jax, Jackson, and Kinley – created their own “Super Heroes”, giving them the power to inspire every human being on Earth.

While some children that receive 3D printed e-NABLE prosthetic devices state that they feel like Super Heroes once they don their new brightly colored set of mechanical fingers, whenever we cover events like this one, we are constantly reminded that they were real life Super Heroes before they ever strapped their “upgrades” to their arms.

After the first few hours of designing and 3D printing went by, some cast members began to share some thoughts with the e-NABLE crew about their experience working to build e-NABLE devices with them. They were awestruck. Romeo, aka “Nick Fury” said, “It’s amazing to be apart of history. Not only do I feel privileged to help the kids build their own one of a kind hand, but it’s an honor to see technology at its best!” and Chailee, who plays The Black Widow, wrote, “e-NABLE allowed Super Heroes to make kid’s dreams come true – and help them realize they are the real heroes.”


Chelsea, aka Storm, said, “Getting to be a part of something bigger than yourself is such a humbling experience, especially when you get to work with kids…my experience was amazing.”


Antonio, aka Iron Man, shared this sentiment“To see how much joy and energy they had, brightened my day. They reminded me to always look on the bright side and enjoy the company of others.”


Antonio, who plays The Green Goblin, said,”I believe the greatest thing that anyone could have noted during our time with the children was something very simple; these children did not view themselves as disabled. They had favorite colors, t.v shows/movies, foods, and Super Heroes. They ran around and played with one another – never drawing attention to anything other than just being kids. What these kids did have that set them apart, were wonderful loving families who had gathered there that day and reached out to an amazing group of people who were offering a service that many families struggle with financially.”


Well said sir.

Many of you have 3D printers or access to them, and if you would like to volunteer to make hands for someone at home, please email [email protected] and fill out a volunteer intake form to 3D print a helping hand.


If you are in need of a device and would like to get matched to a volunteer  please also email e-NABLE at [email protected] and fill out the intake form so measurements and information can be taken.