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The ZYYX 3D Printer Gets Even More Hassle Free with New Features

Last year, one 3D printer manufacturer attempted to address concerns about the fumes emitted while 3D printing with ABS with a “fume free” 3D printer called the ZYYX, which was equipped with a built-in carbon air filter.  In addition to this family-friendly feature, the ZYYX was designed with other useful characteristics, such as a bed-leveling probe and an enclosed print area.  Now, the manufacturer has announced even more tools to ensure a more seamless 3D printing experience: a filament monitor and failed-print detection.

zyyx 3D print filament monitor smallerStriving for a “hassle-free” machine, the team behind the ZYYX has introduced their new Filament Monitor, which detects problems associated with feedstock, be it filament shortages, tangles, or defects.  As soon as the ZYYX runs into a problem with the print material, it pauses to allow users to switch in new filament or untangle the mess.  ZYYX creator Mats Moosberg, says of the Filament Monitor, “This is a feature you would expect to be a given on any 3D printer just as you expect your car to inform you when its running out of gas, but this is not the case. We have concluded that although there are some printers that will warn you if you have a problem with your filament they will not allow you to continue the print at all times.”

Failed Print Detection is another useful thing to have when looking for a problem-free printing experience.  Working similarly to the Filament Monitor, this feature allows the ZYYX to monitor a print and pause if a print goes wrong, due to a lack of support structure, a stray piece of plastic, or anything else you might expect to ruin a print job.  Mats continues, “This is another feature you would expect just as you expect your 2D printer to warn you if there is a paper jam, but this feature is not to be found on any of the commercially available 3d printers. We realised that we had the tool to let the printer monitor itself, so you can relax and enjoy life while your printer works.”

improved surface finish for zyyx 3D printer
The ZYYX’s improved surface finish.

Despite one reviewer’s positive recommendation of the ZYYX, I did have my doubts as to whether the ZYYX was really striving to be hassle-free or if the company was just using the fume-free feature of their printer as a marketing ploy.  It seems, however, that the ZYYX’s makers are attempting to improve their machine to make it as easy-to-use as possible, without increasing the price.  And, while new customers can purchase the ZYYX with the same 1550 price tag, current users can order the upgrade, as well. Well done, ZYYX!

For more information on the ZYYX’s new features, including improved surface finish, you can visit their site or watch the video below.