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3D Printing at CES 2017, new Formlabs products, booth tours and industry insights

The announcements from 3D printing companies at CES 2017 are coming thick and fast. 3D Printing Industry bring you some of today’s news from the Las Vegas event, including announcements from Formlabs, Lulzbot, Sprintray, Shining 3D and AIO Robotics.

Formlabs announce new materials

Today Formlabs unveiled 2 new materials and their experimental platform for special projects. The company’s Grey Resin material receives a second update which, “offers the highest surface detail of any Formlabs material to date.” Regarding their Ceramic Resin announced at CES today the company say,

Ceramic Resin is the first material part of Form X – our platform for experimental products. This experimental material for the Form 2 produces post-cured prints with a distinctive aesthetic that look and feel like ceramic. After firing, prints become pure ceramic parts, suitable for glazing.

Formlabs ceramic material.
Formlabs ceramic material.
Formlabs new ceramic type material announced at CES 2017.
Formlabs new ceramic type material announced at CES 2017.

Aleph Objects new products, partnerships and promotions

Congratulations go to Harris Kenny, the previous ‎VP Marketing at Aleph Objects, Inc who was announced as the new President of the company. Also congratulations to Steven Abadie Chief Operating Officer, who now has, “an expanded role.” The company say that, “founder and CEO, Jeff Moe, remains actively involved in daily operations.”

As we reported earlier, Aleph Objects have announced a new extruder, and their TAZ 3D printers will be sold by Fry’s Electronics. Partnerships with filament material companies Polymaker and twoBEars were also announced at CES 2017 today.

Sprintray forecast trends in 3D printing for 2017

Élan Karpinski from Sprintray told us, “I think we will see a lot more industry-specific 3D printers with features, materials, and software designed to streamline the 3D-printing process for a specific application. We’re part of this trend, as we also just introduced MoonRay D, a dental-specific 3D printer.”

Sprintray presenting the Moonray D at their booth during CES 2017.
Sprintray presenting the Moonray D at their booth during CES 2017.

Shining 3D bring “advanced 3D scanning systems”

A spokesperson for Shining 3D said the company, “brings True Consumer 3D Printing and Advanced 3D Scanning Systems to CES 2017.” Continuing they added, “EinScan-Pro+ 3D handheld scanner and Einstart-C desktop 3D printer represent the most accessible 3D technologies on the market today for prosumers and consumers worldwide.”

AIO Robotics demonstrate ZEUS OS

Jens Windau, CEO of AIO Robotics have several products for CES 2017. First is  ZEUS OS – a platform independent 3D Printer Control Software that can run on a range of 3D printers. The company will demonstrate the ZEUS OS on a 3D printer that is not their flagship printer ZEUS. Next is the ZEUS Infinity concept prototype, this allows “seamless back-to-back 3D printing with our patent-pending ejection mechanism” says the CEO. The ZEUS Infinity was named a 2017 CES Innovation Award Honoree.

AIO Robotics at CES 2017.
Kai Chang from AIO Robotics at CES 2017.

Giving his predictions for the 3D Printing Industry 2017 Windau said, “The desktop 3d printer market will further consolidate, desktop 3d printer manufacturers will even more compete in the true proven target market of education and tinkerers.”

AIO Robotics at CES 2017.
The AIO Robotics team at CES 2017.

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