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CES Preview Lulzbot 3D printing news for TAZ 3D printers

LulzBot have announced a new 3D printing product for CES. I spoke earlier with Joel Herbert from Aleph Objects, Inc who told me that in addition to displaying the TAZ range of the 3D printers the company also has a new offering.

Faster, stronger 3D prints

For CES, the Colorado based company will release the TAZ MOARstruder Tool Head. According to the company, “This is a high output tool head with an extra-long heater block, dual print cooling fans, and a 1.2 mm diameter nozzle. This is all mounted on the modular tool head carriage, so users are a single screw and a plug away from upgrading to higher speed Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing.

The new MOARstruder. Photo via Aleph Objects.
The new MOARstruder. Photo via Aleph Objects.

Aleph Objects, Inc. President Harris Kenny explains further, “The LulzBot TAZ MOARstruder Tool Head enables high speed and high strength 3D prints, with the robustness and reliability that users expect from the LulzBot platform. This tool head is ideal for prototyping in labs, offices, classrooms, libraries, and workshops.”

Joel Herbert explained that the new tool head will facilitate faster 3D printing and also increase the strength of the print. Herbert added that for 2017 the company have, “many things on the horizon.”

3D printing trends for 2017

Looking to the wider 3D printing industry, Herbert said that he would like to see more effort put into recycling. This is a common refrain from many I speak to in the 3D printing industry and an area that may require cross industry collaboration to resolve.

The Aleph Objects representative also identified a tendency towards users looking for larger build chamber volumes. So this may be an area where we see LulzBot 3D printers heading this year, however Herbert did not confirm this.

MOARstruder on TAZ 6. Photo via Aleph Objects.
MOARstruder on TAZ 6. Photo via Aleph Objects.

The LulzBot TAZ range of 3D printers have already received nominations in several categories for the 1st Annual 3D Printing Industry Awards. Why not make your nomination now?

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