3D Printing

Ahead of Comic-Con, Amazon Lets You 3D Print Your Favorite Video Game Characters

To celebrate Comic-Con which begins tomorrow in San Diego, California, Amazon, in partnership agreement with Sandboxr, has just announced that their 3D Printed Products store will offer 35 video game characters from Primal Carnage, Smite, and Infinity Blade for customers to design and personalize. There are 12 million ways to armor, uniquely pose, and accessorize over 40 3D printable characters, while maintaining a relatively low price point of between $29.99 and $89.99.

InfinityBladeAmazon’s 3D Printed Products Store has grown more than 150% since its launch last year. Steve Johnson, Director for the Amazon Marketplace said, “3D Printed Products on Amazon is still in its early days, and we are eager to offer customers the freedom to be designers and create one-of-a-kind items.There is a lot of passion and excitement in the culture of gaming, as well as 3D printing, and by combining these two worlds and allowing customers to design and personalize their favorite video game characters we can bring enthusiasts even closer to the games they love.”

In order to get designing, customers simply have to go to the site, select the game character they want to personalize, and click the “Personalize Now” button. This will launch the personalization widget that allows them to explore thousands of different options for their characters. Animation designs, poses, weapons, and other accessories; there are all kinds of choices. After you are done designing, you can use the 3D product preview function to see a 360 degree virtual model of your character before you checkout. After you’ve paid and checked out, your model will be 3D printed on 3D Systems’ ProJet 3D printers on demand and shipped directly to you.


There are many other 3D printed products available in the store, several of which can be personalized by choosing a special style, color, material, or custom text. Amazon 3D Printed Products might yet be on par with Shapeways, but they are going for it and trying to make a big splash on the heels of Comic-Con. We’ll see how they do, and let us know what you think.