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3D Model Marketplace CGTrader is ‘Hiring For Work’

With its new “We’re Hiring For Work” campaign and by focusing their latest design challenge on jewellery – a fast growing segment of 3D printed consumer goods – CGTrader hopes to expand its already significant pool of 3D designers and connect them with new waves of consumers eager to purchase 3D printed luxury goods.

As the 3D printing industry continues to expand Freelancer.com reports that job opportunities in 3D rendering, 3D animation and 3D modelling are skyrocketing. 3D printing has become more visible than ever as curious consumers begin exploring what it has to offer. While greater access to desktop 3D printers is going to bring in new adopters of the technology, most of those 3D printers are still priced far out of the reach of the average consumer. That’s where the online 3D model marketplace comes in, with over 62,000 3D models available, CGTrader is hoping those unable to buy into 3D printing at home will be willing to dip their toe into the water with them instead.

“Although 3D printing and modelling is fascinating, we understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. We want to make the idea of ordering bespoke 3D products online as non-scary and easy, as instant messaging a friend,”  says CGTrader CEO Marius Kalytis. “At the same time, ‘Hiring for Work’ is a golden opportunity for all 3D designers, who need that extra nudge to get going with their creative ideas.”

3d printing jewelry challenge cgtrader

Of course any marketplace has to have the best products available, and flush with newly acquired funding, CGTrader is putting a lot of effort into growing its 3D printing and design community. In order to attract the industry’s best designers and modellers, they hold exciting design challenges that expose designers work to their very large user base and offer generous flat-rate activation fees that eliminate borderline exploitive commission rates common at some of the other larger 3D model marketplaces.

CGTrader seems to be extremely popular with their community of designers – at least I couldn’t find as many people speaking ill of them as some of the other 3D model marketplaces. They’re clearly hoping that designer loyalty will give them a competitive edge when it comes to attracting new customers.

CGTrader is hoping its clever consumer outreach campaign in combination with their 3D Jewelry Challenge will fill their community with new designers, and also fill their marketplace with exciting new unique jewellery designs for the new 3D printing consumers eager to purchase them.