SLM report 105% increase in 3D printing sales, “faster rate” than market

SLM Solutions Group AG (ETR:AM3D) joins the growing list of 3D printing companies enjoying a positive earnings season. Results for the first half of 2016 show sales have increased [...]

We can print moon rock now

Stanford University has found a way to use 3D scanning and printing to study rocks that we cannot possibly hold in our hands. Their research has been published in the journal, Scie [...]

Renegade: a recycled material pen on Kickstarter

The Renegade 3D pen isn't the best, or the cheapest, or the lightest 3D pen on the market. But it is the one that will impact the environment the least. On Kickstarter, they have a [...]

Kickstarter for Cx5: the filament you can sculpt

Adam Beane, renowned master sculptor known for his highly realistic portraits and dynamic poses is revolutionizing 3D printing in a way that will help other fine artists, vfx studi [...]

Autodesk makes software free for Fab Labs

Autodesk is helping everyone in the Makerspace community by granting registered Fab Labs worldwide with access to its software. The Autodesk Product Design Collection includes 12 p [...]

Kickstarter launch for compact, hackable 3D printer

The Cetus 3D printer is about to go live on Kickstarter and its small footprint means you can find a place for this diminutive creation on most workbenches. It’s also completely po [...]

Electroloom closes down

Electroloom, which made what it claimed was the world’s first 3D fabric printer, has closed its doors. The company founders have tried in vain to raise more funds and have finally [...]

Design and Print the Doll of Your Dreams

Obviously anything doll-related may not be something to associate with dreams for some, but there are communities of doll collectors that are larger than you'd initially think. One [...]

The 3D birth of the Olympic logo

The 2016 Rio Olympics has proudly displayed its logo, but have you noticed anything different? It’s the first Olympic emblem to be produced in three dimensions. Inevitably 3D print [...]

Explosive Developments – The Skateboarding World Welcomes 3D Printing

When you see skateboarders practising tricks in the local skate park, you wouldn't necessarily think their carefully tuned pieces of kit could one day be 3D printed. However, much [...]