A new 3D printing technology, interview with Xjet’s Dror Danai

Xjet received as “unprecedented level of interest” after revealing a new 3D printing method at RAPID 2016. I caught up with Dror Danai, Xjet CBO, as he prepared to return to Israel [...]

9 Year Old 3D Printing Enthusiast Prints Prosthetic Hand for Teacher

So we've already heard about an adult who 3D printed a hand for a young boy, but what about a young boy who printed a hand for an adult? Calramon, his brother and his father Carlos [...]

OMG, they killed Kenny! (now with 3D printing)

South Park is celebrating its 20th season (yes, its been 20 years), and to commemorate have partnered with Source3 to launch 3D printed products. This is the first time this techno [...]

Chinese patient gets help from 3D printed braces

65 year-old Mr. Zhang’ s left hand changed to a clenched fist and couldn’t get back because of his hematencephalon. He couldn’t even hold a paper with this troubled hand. In the re [...]

InfraTrac wins ‘America Makes’ challenge with IP protection for 3D printing

InfraTrac, the Maryland-based developer of intellectual property protection solutions for 3D printed products, is a final award winner of the America Makes 2016 Additive Manufactur [...]

Is 3D printing a threat in an increasingly dangerous world?

This Tuesday at the Council debate on weapons of mass destruction (WMD), UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon fearfully warned against the potential dangers of emerging technologies in [...]

MyMiniFactory launches 3D printing competition with Barclays Eagle Labs

Community driven 3D printing platform MyMiniFactory has launched a brand new 3D design and print competition sponsored by Barclays Eagle Labs. Image: MyMiniFactory The ‘#enabledb [...]

Interview: Sophie de Oliveira Barata

If you haven't heard of The Phantom Limb Project yet, it is definitely something worth checking out. Together with Konami, Open Bionics and GTR created an amazing, functional prost [...]

Japanese 3D printed Copens could be customizable from 2017

Japanese automobile company Daihastu and 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys said last year that clients of Copen would be able to design and assemble customized 3D printed exterior [...]

3D Printing works wonders in the world of cardiology

An entry published in the International Journal of Cardiology explored the many recent applications of 3D printing technology in the treatment of heart-related diseases and surgeri [...]