Future Engineers Teams Up with NASA and ASME to Launch “Think Outside the Box” Challenge for Young Students

Whether they’re influencing young designers with their Star Trek sponsored challenge, or collaborating with NASA to find the next innovative tool for use in space, Future Engineers [...]

Kickstarter: will OLO be the 4th most successful campaign ever?

What an awesome claim: Transform Your Smartphone into a 3D Printer. Since the campaign launched on Kickstarter on March 21st, OLO has indeed achieved a few highscores: $30K in just [...]

Zortrax growth slowed down in the second half of 2015

Zortrax, the Polish manufacturer of the award winning M200 3D Printer has reported its financial results for the year 2015. The company has made clear in 2015 of its intention to l [...]

AVOC 3D, the super cheap and fast 3D printer on IndieGogo tomorrow

A small team of engineers from Hungary, led by Armin Fendrik and Balazs Csemany, will launch an IndieGogo campaign on the 19th of April. They will offer the AVOC 3D,a super cheap a [...]

World tour: the best physical stores to buy a 3D Printer

In the mid-70s, with computers getting smaller, cheaper, easier to use and more powerful, some pioneers were opening retail stores to make them available to a growing population of [...]

3D Printer All Plexiglass Enclosure

LiteWorld LLC is now offering an all plexiglass enclosure with aluminum supports and large access doors that will fit over a TAZ 5 printer and any other 3D printer that has an open [...]

Introduction to Structo MSLA Technology

After more than three years of R&D, Structo has developed a truly unique method of SLA printing for the industrial 3D printing market. Structo’s proprietary liquid crystal mask [...]

Sinterit Lisa hit the Italian Market

The new and affordable SLS Polish printer lands from May 2016 in the Italian market. The first international distribution agreement signed by ShareMind with the emerging company Si [...]

3D Bioprinting Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 – 2021

3D bioprinting is a process of creating spatially-controlled cell patterns in 3D, where viability and cell function are conserved within printed construct. The 3D bioprinting indus [...]

IN(3D)USTRY turns Barcelona into the AM capital city

The field of 3D printing is growing at a rate that will soon influence manufacturing processes that have not yet embraced this technology. Many companies had been hesitant to inves [...]

3D-Scan-to-3D-Print App Scandy Raises $1m in Seed Funding

Scandy Revolutionizes 3D-Scan-to-3D-Print from Mobile Device Scandy, the leader in 3D-scan-to-3D-print from mobile devices announced today that it raised a $1m seed round to develo [...]

Robo 3D CEO Braydon Moreno Talks New Printers and Getting Their Consumers Engaged With DIY Kits

As I was strutting from expo booth to expo booth at this year’s Inside 3D Printing New York, one particular booth had quite the particular crowd around it. I was curious about what [...]

UCB Researchers Help Bioprinting Tissue Become Safer and More Affordable

Bioprinting with tissues… It’s something that just a few years ago would be an outrageous idea, but now, it’s becoming more and more of a reality. Last year, one Wake Forest profes [...]

Aided by 3D Printed Model, Mumbai Docs Remove Kidney Tumor

3D printing has, in some ways, had its biggest, yet simplest impacts in the field of medicine through the development of 3D printed medical models. By translating existing medical [...]

LA Dodgers Give Helmets a 3D Printed Twist

At the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, researchers are currently exploring possibilities for creating a new generation of helmet that will go a long way to protecting athle [...]

MAGIGOO the smart, 3D printing adhesive

You wake up excited and run to your 3D printer. It's the end of a 30 hour print cycle and you're anxious to see the results. The outcome unfortunately is disappointing. It's failed [...]

MXD3D Just raised $4.3M. Enough to compete with Netfabb ?

Mixed Dimensions (MXD3D) was founded in 2013 by Baha Abu Nojaim and Mo Taslaq. Mo is a serial entrepreneur, gaming addict, interactive 3D passionate and one of the biggest fans of [...]

Obama Blows Bubbles from 3D Printed Wand

As the White House preps for the National Week of Making, this June 17 -23, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue hosted its annual White House Science Fair, where the POTUS met with the countr [...]

Inside 3D Printing: Shapeways' CEO on the Importance of Materials and Community

Shapeways has been working to connect shoppers and 3D designers together since it was started by long-time technology enthusiast Pete Weijmarshausen in Eindhoven, Netherlands in 20 [...]

BCN3D 3D Printers Find US Distribution via DesignBox3D

US distributor DesignBox3D applies a specific selection process for the 3D printers they choose to represent, which sees them test machines rigorously before selling them in the Un [...]