Luxexcel: Changing the way we see the world

The quest for a perfectly clear 3D printed lens is more than a vanity exercise, it’s the key to peak performance in so many industries. That's why it was considered a holy grail fo [...]

Poetry Express: The Uber of 3D printing launches

Italian firm IRA 3D has launched a new global 3D Print on Demand service and now Poetry Express is looking for experts around the world to help make this ambitious project a realit [...]

Penguin has Happy Feet Again!

Meet Bagpipes the penguin.   In 2007, he had some fishing line wrapped around his left leg, causing severe damage which led to the leg being amputated. Since then, his keepers [...]

3D Printing: How This Innovative Technology Is Changing Lives

Since its inception back in the early eighties, 3D printing has continued to enhance our lives and change the world around us. Many of us may have already heard about the college s [...]

Asiamold – International Mould & Die Exhibition

Asiamold – Guangzhou International Mould & Die Exhibition will open its doors from 20 – 22 September 2016 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. Over 360 exh [...]

WirePrint allow you to 3D Print ‘On the Fly’ as you design.

So you're printing a seriously complicated piece, and halfway through you realize you've misjudged the size of one of the components. Problem? Not any more, if the people at Cornel [...]

London Comic Con – 2: Cosplayer’s Opinions on 3D Printing

So one thing I noticed walking around London Comic Con on the weekend: a lot of everyday cosplayers get excited about 3D printing. I'm not talking about the hardcore, paid to be at [...]

3D printing can revive local manufacturing, but will it?

We have the power in our hands to take manufacturing back to the masses and reverse the trend of mass manufacturing in far off lands. So could local FabStores, or mini factories, h [...]

FELIXprinters lands in the Middle East & GCC!

UTRECHT, June 1 2016 - Dutch 3D printer manufacturer FELIXprinters have announced the partnership with Dubai based East Gate Global. The partnership, which is made official today, [...]

A robot with a vision

Japanese firm 3D MEDiA Co has secured $10 million in its latest round of funding to help it perfect its 3D robot vision system for industrial robots. This company is the first comm [...]