Beautiful 3D fashion by Voxelworld in Düsseldorf

13 designers from the US, Europe and Asia showcased their 3D printed fashion at the Platform Fashion show in Germany this past weekend. The show, presented by Voxelworld and Lexus, [...]

Australian University adds 3D printing to its curriculum

Australia's University of Southern Queensland (USQ) has announced an exciting new addition to its archeology curriculum. With the help of Ellipsis Media, the university's Print Ser [...]

SmarTech report predicts the future of 3D printing

"The low-cost 3D printer market" If you’re a part of the 3D printing industry, then you need to know where this modern manufacturing miracle is going. You need SmarTech’s latest re [...]

Daimler keeps on trucking with 3D printing

The world’s largest manufacturer of trucks has turned to 3D printing to produce spare parts for its vast range of trucks. Daimler has joined the likes of Audi and BMW, who have bot [...]

The Future of Concrete Printing with Imprimere AG

There is a growing popularity in 3D printed concrete forms in recent years, which has many people waiting for an age of 3D printed houses and buildings, as well as other indoor and [...]

Nano Dimension: Factories in a box & 3D printing electronics

I spoke with Simon Fried, CBO and Co-Founder of Nano Dimension, about 3D printing electronics, nano-technology and how to raise money for 3D printing ventures. Founded in 2012, the [...]

Never miss another Pokemon with this sniper sight

A 3D printed case can turn your iPhone into a Pokemon sniper rifle that simply does not miss. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you already know about Pokemon Go. This is a craz [...]

Advances in 3D Printing Prosthetics Will Change Lives

3D printing prosthetics is changing the way those born with missing limbs or who have lost them due to accident, illness or war live their lives. The technology is in use today and [...]

3D printing: helping the US blow stuff up

It isn’t just planes, trains and automobiles that work more effectively when they’re lighter, stronger and 3D printed. Now the US Missile Defense Agency has turned to ExOne to crea [...]

3D print your favorite Star Trek things

With the 50th anniversary this year, as well as the release of the newest J.J. Abrams Star Trek installment this week, 'Star Trek Beyond', I thought we could have a look at some of [...]