3D printed kidneys predict the body’s capacity for radioactive material

3D printed organs are increasingly used as educational aids. Patients’ MRI scans are being used by the likes of Stratasys Direct Manufacturing and Whiteclouds to make brain models [...]

Mecuris win Purmundus challenge with 3D printed child prosthetics

At Formnext this year, FirStep was announced as the winner of the Purmundus Challenge. There were five total winners of the gold trophies presented at the fourth annual challenge i [...]

How Makers celebrated Global 3D Printing Day

This past weekend, the 3D printing maker community was alive with activity for Global 3D Printing Day. After taking to twitter, Youtube, and good old email 3DPI decided to round up [...]

Sri Lanka order first Xian Y-20 “3D printing technology” aircraft

Sri Lanka will make an order for China's gigantic Xian Y-20 cargo plane says the country's Prime Minister. The Xian Y-20 plane is one of the first aircraft to utilize "3D printing [...]

Microsoft release 3D builder app for Windows phones

Microsoft have released a new 3D design application for Windows phones. The 3D builder app allows users to scan, view, personalize and print 3D models. Furthermore, the app can mak [...]

CraftUnique’s CraftBot XL: Big builds on a budget

Since the release of their first printer, the Craftbot, in 2014, Budapest-based 3D printer manufacturer CraftUnique have not stood still. Their CraftBot 2 was just been named 3DHub [...]

A 3D exploration of the home of one of Britain’s most influential architects

ScanLAB Projects held a workshop last weekend at the Photographer’s Gallery in London creating 3D portraits of participants with 3D laser scanners. After being featured in Monday’s [...]

Celebrating 3D printing day with Winbo

As you should be aware by now, tomorrow (3rd December) is 3D printing day. And if you're struggling to figure out the a way to celebrate even after having read what YouTubers are d [...]

3D printed dog nose advances national security

Researchers are using a 3D printed dog nose to detect "explosives, narcotics, pathogens, or even cancer." An article published this month in peer reviewed academic journal Scientif [...]

Getting ahead of the game with 3D printed brain models, interview with neuroscience expert Dr. Abdulrauf

3D printing organs and body parts to serve as surgical aids is a trend that has been gathering steam within the industry for some time now. Just last week, 3DPI reported on how doc [...]