Should we have 3D printers in libraries?

One day we should have a 3D printer in every household, but we’re not there yet. So now the American Library Association’s Office for Information Technology Policy has posed the in [...]

3 Tricks to Optimize STL Designs for 3D Printing

3D modeling for printing can be hard-work, especially when one does not know all the tricks of the modeling software and cannot put them in application to ensure a shorter printing [...]

Case Study: How hybrid manufacturing goes beyond 3D Printing

Hybrid Manufacturing is the synergistic combination of additive and subtractive manufacturing technology, and it's opened up new possibilities for industry. Design freedom is impro [...]

Weekly "Art" series: Invitation to my virtual museum

Today we take the fact we can walk into a museum and see remnants of days gone by in a museum, but there’s no guarantee these relics will be with us forever. Even if they are then [...]

3D Systems missed on revenue – lack of growth

3D Systems (DDD) reported for the first quarter 2016 revenues of $152.6M, against a consensus of $156.3. Excluding the contribution of consumer products and services that the compa [...]

The Future of 3D Printing is Now; AIO Robotics' ZEUS

AIO Robotics has been pushing the boundaries of the 3D printing market since the company’s inception in 2013. With the creation of the world’s first truly standalone All-In-One 3D [...]

EOS opens new US facility to face a growing market

EOS, a company who is at the forefront of 3D printing technology and offers high-end solutions in additive manufacturing (AM), unveiled a new facility in Pflugerville, Texas. The f [...]

Thick tissue bioprinting one step closer to reality

Bioprinting is coming on in leaps and bounds, but there are still issues printing thick vascular tissue. Now a team at Harvard University has revealed a new technique that promises [...]

Disabled duck received 3D printed leg

The story continues, after our 3D Printer saved my life article, its a one-year-old duck, which was physically disabled after an accident. But thanks to 3d printing, he was the luc [...]

Directa Plus Seeks IPO for Graphene clothing

Directa Plus, a company selling Graphene-infused sportswear created with the help of 3D printing, is set for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to fuel its expansion.   The comp [...]

Makerbot: Everything must go – 60% discount

Makerbot will certainly remain in history as the 3D Printing company that perfectly failed to deliver on its promise with the worse product launch. While the company succeeded in 2 [...]

Aleph objects unveils new 3d printer LulzBot TAZ 6 at $2500

Colorado based 3D printer manufacturer Aleph Objects announced the launch of LulzBot TAZ 6. Founded in January 2011 and headquartered in Loveland, Colorado Aleph Objects manufactur [...]

A "Life changing" option with 3D Printed talus.

The talus is the part ankle that allows the foot to move in all different directions. High impact injuries like falls, or traffic accidents can cause the talus bone to be fractured [...]

Ceramics specialists sign joint research deal

Fraunhofer IKTS has signed a deal with the Singapore Center for 3d printing that will encourage the free flow of ideas, student exchanges and collaboration on future projects. The [...]

3D Printed Sea Urchins in Space?!

  Strange as it may seem, a group of researchers and marine biologists at the University of California have developed a tool which could, in time, replace current shovels used [...]

GE Power opens Factory of the future in South Carolina

A giant facility full of machinery capable of producing almost anything a creator dreams up, with a personalized robot to boot; GE’s new Advanced Manufacturing Works sounds rather [...]

Investigation on the only publicly listed Metal 3D Printer company

  3D MakerJet became the latest 3D Printing company to become publicly listed. The startup joined the US OTC market in October 2015 with the symbol MRJT. 3D MakertJet is based [...]

The world's first 3D printed aluminium guitar!

The Heavy Metal  3D printed aluminium guitar:     This guitar was designed to explore what metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) is capable of, and to better underst [...]

3D printed supercar scoops tech award

The manufacturer of the world’s first 3D printed supercar has received the North American Technology Innovation Award.   Divergent 3D has produced the chassis and bodywork of [...]

Sculpteo's 3D Printing Affiliate Program

Sculpteo is a Paris based company that offers a fast 3D printing service which is open to everyone. Their website offers many things, including tutorials, material descriptions and [...]