Cooksongold & Boltenstern collaborate to make waves in luxury industry

Boltenstern specialises in developing innovative designs and design systems made from precious metals.  "The direct collaboration with Cooksongold is a unique symbiosis and opportu [...]

Shining 3D Global Partner Summit – A Global Event for Shining Professionals

On July 27-28, the 2016 SHINING 3D Global Partner Summit will be open at SHINING 3D New Headquarters in Hangzhou, China. 77 Industry experts from 46 companies of different fields a [...]

Oventus will soon stop sleep apnea globally

Oventus, an Australian company that invented a 3D printed device that stops sleep apnea will be listed on the Australian market today after raising $12m. The funds from the listing [...]

Stratnel brings new 3Dp service to India

Stratnel Technologies is pleased to announce that it offers consultancy, tooling advice and 3D printing bureau services to discerning Indian customers! “The basic strength of Strat [...]

South Africa’s Art Machina features 100% 3D printed artwork

In the art world, 3D printing continues to make waves from fashion design to the restoration of historic sculptures. Emerging artists are now finding more and more ways to express [...]

3D printed office warfare: rubber band edition

So a few weeks ago I covered a gigantic NERF gun with 3D printed projectiles. How did it fare in your own 3D printed office warfare? Was too cumbersome for combat? Did your boss ye [...]

Lani Labs: an industry changing platform

Lani, a Velocity backed 3D printing startup, built an industry changing platform that optimizes the 3D printing process to merely 3 steps. Lani is a payment and management system f [...]

No More Print Shifting and More!

Meet the LOCOOP Y, one of the newest in desktop printers to come out of Seoul, Korea. The printer boasts a hefty list of impressive features, including the ability to eliminate one [...]

3D printing technology helps to restore the Tianlongshan Grottoes

Recently, some experts have been restoring the sculptures of Buddha in Tianlongshan Grottoes in China through 3D scanning and integration. Up to now, the restoration has achieved r [...]

The Best 3D Printing Services for Custom Jewelry

Advancements in the 3D printing industry seem to have no limits. Everyday, the technology is becoming more and more accessible to the public and more and more groundbreaking in the [...]