Various awesome use cases in the TCT Show

As I've said before, the TCT was such a big show that one simply couldn't finish visiting all the booths within a short day. The use cases presented here are those impressed me by [...]

Lockheed Martin use 3D Printing in Search for Signs of Life on Mars

“Are we alone?” asked Lockheed Martin’s Tony Antonelli at a special event during the 67th International Aeronautical Congress (IAC) yesterday. This was not a reference to the packe [...]

The 2016 TCT 3D Print Show kicks off in Birmingham

I went to the TCT Show in Birmingham today. To be honest, I was really astonished by the scale of this show - you just couldn't visit all the booths within a short day and you cons [...]

Elon Musk Shows How 3D Printing Powers Mission to Colonize Mars

3D printing is at the core of Elon Musk’s ambitious plan to transport more than a million people to Mars during the next forty to one hundred years. Buzz Aldrin, Bill Nye and other [...]

3DESIGN CAD software combines parametric solutions with organic shapes

A craftsman sitting at a workbench , carefully carving the gemstone in his hand with his look dedicated - this could be the scene we used to see in old movies and this is what most [...]

$12 million investment in the future of Nano Dimension

Further proving that they are anything but microscopic when it comes to business, Nano Dimension Ltd. has raised a $12 million investment from a public offering of 1,850,000 Americ [...]

SatRevolution to 3D print the first private Polish satellite

A startup team in Poland is recently planing a 3D printing project that may sound astonishing for all of us: the 3D printed Światowid nanosatellite. If succeed, it would become the [...]

CRP launches Windform® FX BLACK, featured with high impact resistance

On September 21, CRP Technology launched Windform® FX BLACK, the new material within the Windform family of materials for professional 3D Printing.  Image: CRP Technology Impact [...]

AIO Robotics releases new PLA filament

The PLA filament market has been quite competitive given that PLA filament could probably be the most basic material for 3D printing. Even though, new PLA filaments keeps being dev [...]

Predicting the Future: Interview with HP Labs CTO Shane Wall

HP Labs was founded 50 years ago this week, I sat down with the CTO of the ‘original Silicon Valley start-up’ to find out about plans for the next half century. Throughout this yea [...]