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Spinal Elements, the California-based company responsible for helping make medical-grade PEEK plastic the industry standard for spine surgery implants, is working with Mighty Oak Medical’s custom made Firefly Technology. Firefly p [...]

A group of researchers in Greece have proposed a new bioreactor - a vessel where tissue engineering or other biological processes can take place- with the goal of developing better bioengineered cartilage tissue growing around a 3 [...]

Researchers at Harvard University have managed to 3D print a functional heart on a chip that could eradicate the need for animal testing in biomedical studies. Microphysiological systems (MPS) otherwise known as organs-on-chips, h [...]

Researchers at Northwestern University, the same institute behind this month’s 3D printed hyperelastic bones, have now managed to 3D print bio-degradable stents. The tubes that are usually used to treat narrow or weak arteries, ha [...]

Stryker, a Michigan-based global leader in medical technology, has laser-sintered a Tritanium spinal cage for use in back surgery. The cages are hollow, and are used in-between vertebrae for patients with degenerative disc disease [...]

Organovo (NASDAQ:ONVO) shares fell in response to a financing update yesterday: the company received a 15% hit to its stock price during NASDAQ trading. The California based 3D bioprinting company took a blow to their 3D printed k [...]

Starting in 2017, hospitals in Dubai will introduce 3D printers to prepare surgeons for medical procedures: according to a senior health officer in the country. This move will allow the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) managed facilit [...]

Access to healthcare and treatment and also diagnostic facilities can be difficult in remote regions. From rural areas to underdeveloped countries, not everyone lives in an area where a doctor or hospital can be reached in a reaso [...]

Though it takes just an instant for research to become a discovery, an apple falling from a tree; a bolt of lighting; the snap of a shutter, fully developed breakthroughs in science and medicine take years to perfect, and what we [...]

TriFusion Devices, winners of the Rice Business Plan Competition (RBPC) and manufacturers of custom 3D printed prosthetic devices, rang the NASDAQ opening bell earlier today. This morning in New York, Blake Teipel, TriFusion Devic [...]