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How 3D Printing help this Surgeon save a baby boy with a rare birth defect

Shanghai Children’s Medical Center is a world renowned children’s hospital in Shanghai. It is located near the East part of Renji Hospital. It is affiliated to the School of Medicine from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It was [...]

Personalized 3D Printed Drug Delivery Systems

Acne is a cruel condition that attacks sufferers’ self-esteem, as well as their skin. It is caused by inflammation of the small oil glands that surround the fine hairs and it leads to infections that can be painful, unsightly and [...]

Could we print our medicine at home?

Can you imagine a world where you print your own pharmaceutical drugs at home? It’s a long way off, but a paper published in the International Journal of Bioassays suggests that that's the road we’re on. A team of researchers from [...]

We’re building a brain tumour

A team at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh is about to use a 3D bioprinter to build a brain tumour. The printed tumour could shed new light on the way this cruel disease develops and give us new tools to fight against it.  It c [...]

Additive Manufacturing in the medical and dental technology industries

In fields from orthopaedics to implantology and dental technology, the huge amount of design and manufacturing freedom provided by Additive Manufacturing (AM) and industrial 3D Printing processes enables products to be customised [...]

Prostate models help surgeons find their way

Surgeons in the UK have used a 3D printed model of a man’s prostate to help them remove a cancerous tumour. 3D printed models are becoming big business in the medical industry and heart surgeons now use them on a regular basis to [...]

3D printed hand puts the ball back in play

Prosthetic limbs are designed to improve the patient’s quality of life but, even with the rapid advances in prosthetic technology, there are limits. Replacement arms and hands are generally built to be robust and stand the test of [...]

Chinese heart surgeons turn to 3D models

Chinese heart surgeons have turned to 3D printing to create accurate models of a patient’s heart before complex surgery. The Chinese University and the University of Hong Kong have joined forces to help doctors to plan operations [...]

Printed Smiles: Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing Making a Mark in Dentistry

Like many other branches of medical science, the various forms of additive manufacturing such as rapid prototyping and 3D printing are making a significant position in dentistry. Today, millions of orthodontic braces, dental crown [...]

A low cost early warning for ears

The World Health Organisation believes that more than half of the instances of hearing loss in the poorest parts of the world could have been avoided by primary prevention techniques that Texas A & M University might have just [...]