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Though it may not look like much from the grainy screenshot below, Celprogen's announcement today marks a milestone in making what has been dubbed as the 'Holy Grail ' of 3D printing: they have managed to successfully print a huma [...]

The world of 3D printed prosthetics is growing and expanding every day. From opensource designs, to bespoke pieces, there is literally something out there for every situation. New York prosthetists Create Orthotics and Prosthetics [...]

Polina Rožkova, representing wheelchair fencing for Latvia, competed at the Rio 2016 Paralympics this week with the aid of a back brace printed by Stratasys reseller, Baltic3D. Business Wire The support, boasting a stylized ‘but [...]

New breakthroughs are happening constantly within the medical industry within 3D printing. The technology is revolutionizing the sector, with innovations such as bioprinting a thyroid gland and implanting in in mice paving the way [...]

3D printed hands have been giving a “helping hand” to hundreds of thousands of people who live without all or part of their arms. A growing network called e-NABLE is exactly an online community that provides such “helping hands” b [...]

Recently, Professor Li Zefu and associate Professor Li Meng from the Neurosurgery Department of the Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical University successfully operated on an intracranial cysts-induced patient using 3D printing [...]

Figuring out how to avoid the complications caused by 3D printed facial implants has become a crucial problem with 3D printing technology. The good news is that Professor Yoon Won-soo from Korea Polytechnic University seems to hav [...]

Recently in Nanning, China, a child with craniosynostosis syndrome went under a skull reshaping and augmentation operation thanks to 3D printing technology. The five-year old boy Xiao Qiang – whose name was changed for identity se [...]

So we've already heard about an adult who 3D printed a hand for a young boy, but what about a young boy who printed a hand for an adult? Calramon, his brother and his father Carlos have been working hard on a wide range of project [...]

65 year-old Mr. Zhang’ s left hand changed to a clenched fist and couldn’t get back because of his hematencephalon. He couldn’t even hold a paper with this troubled hand. In the rehabilitation department of Zhongda Hospital Southe [...]