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French start-up Biomodex believes that its detailed models of a specific patient’s organs and body parts will help reduce surgical errors, save lives and potentially put an end to students carving up cadavers. While models have pr [...]

Bioniks, Xplorer 3D and Viscous.co have banded together to change a young boy's life forever. Mir Bayyaan Baloch was born without a right hand, and now at the age of 5, he was finding life a bit difficult. Mir, who lives in Pakist [...]

3D printing prosthetics is changing the way those born with missing limbs or who have lost them due to accident, illness or war live their lives. The technology is in use today and brings life improving benefits to some of those l [...]

DePuy Synthes, which is part of the Johnson & Johnson family, announced an agreement with Materialise which will introduce a new range of titanium 3D printed skull and facial implants. The companies have been working on this p [...]

3D printing has already become a driving force in medicine and now it is set to go up a gear with a purpose-built clinical center in Chongqing Fengdu. An initial investment of $7.5 million will get this center of excellence up and [...]

That's what a New Jersey college student did, and its making that usual hefty price tag feel all the more painful... One quick word of warning though, don't try this at home! To give a little context on what kind of orthodontic ca [...]

Veterinary Surgeon's Save Bird's Life with 3D Printed Beak  A bird's had a 3D printed 'beak job' after ruffling a few feathers at Guangzhou Zoo, China. As we've discussed before creatures of the feathered variety aren't new to the [...]

A Rapid Increase in Medical 3D Printing The relationship between 3D printing and the healthcare sector has been blossoming in recent years. A report has been published recently discussing market research into how 3D printing in th [...]

The history of Geistlich Biomaterials spans more than 160 years and is built on proud spirit of innovation and the pioneering achievements of its biomaterials. The Jubilee Anniversary for Geistlich has been focused on giving a voi [...]

Oventus, an Australian company that invented a 3D printed device that stops sleep apnea will be listed on the Australian market today after raising $12m. The funds from the listing will be used to finish commercialisation of the d [...]