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An entry published in the International Journal of Cardiology explored the many recent applications of 3D printing technology in the treatment of heart-related diseases and surgeries. The article, published earlier this month, hig [...]

As someone who often takes their sight for granted, the thought of not being able to see my theoretical future children on an ultrasound monitor has never crossed my mind. It has, however, crossed the minds of Polish company In Ut [...]

A journal has been published detailing a study on the development on a hybrid polymer, which could be used to print scaffolds for cells to grow, creating engineered tissues. In these incredibly specialized niche areas, you wouldn' [...]

Rapid identification of infectious disease outbreaks can be vital in limiting damage and coordinating an appropriate response. While modern drugs can combat many of these diseases, in developing countries the lack of ready access [...]

Jichi Medical University School of Medicine Department of Neurosurgery in Japan have developed a method for manufacturing solid models of cerebral aneurysms, using a compact 3D printer with ABS resin. This has been done before, bu [...]

Doctors in North Korea say they are working with a new 3D printer that can reproduce bone for cosmetic surgery and dentistry. Footage on a news segment on KCTV showed several doctors working on the printer, apparently working on a [...]

Earlier this week, 3D Printing Industry delved into the emerging use of 3D printers in humanitarian sectors. In the very near future, disaster areas could see significant changes and upgrades in response times and better aid oppor [...]

Nano3D Biosciences has revealed a technique to reduce animal testing by using its 3D printed cell cultures and magnetic bioprinting as a test for a drug's effect on vasoactivity. The contraction and dilation of blood vessels is a [...]

Everyone loves a good story that brings animals and 3D printing together. Victoria the goose's story plays like a movie: it has had its ups and downs, but has a happy ending. Victoria the goose Victoria was found in late 2015 alon [...]

A student from Breckenridge, Michigan has helped a young boy from Muskegon Heights feel like a superhero, by 3D printing a Captain America inspired prosthetic hand. Austin Brittain enrolled on a 3-D creation course at Central Mich [...]