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Panasonic scanning booth makes dancers of us all

Panasonic introduced its 3D Scanning Booth at the opening night of ‘Kabuki Lion: The Adventures of the Mythical Lion’ at the David Copperfield Theater at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on May 3rd. The Japanese manufacturer is on [...]

Skull Wars lights up Kickstarter

Haven’t you always wanted a collection of skulls of some the best known characters on Star Wars? No? We didn’t either, but then we saw this novel Kickstarter and changed our minds. Skull Wars has created something of a stir, consi [...]

Design an avatar for Steven Spielberg

Have you ever dreamed of being a big Hollywood star, but haven’t quite managed to catch a break? Well here’s your big chance to make it to the big screen in a Steven Spielberg production, in a way. It won’t be you that gets famous [...]

New world record for giant figurine

Backface has claimed the Guinness World Record for the tallest 3D printed human for an episode of The Gadget Show with a giant, oversized version of John Bentley. The Birmingham company scanned his whole body in advance of one of [...]

Flexible holo phone goes on show

The next generation of phones could be flexible and they could serve up holographic images without the need for glasses. We even have a working prototype that will star at ACM CHI 2016 conference in California, which comes loaded [...]

Gumball 3000 Batmobile relies on 3D printing, a bit…

A real-life Batmobile is currently racing across Europe in the Gumball 3000 Rally and 3D printing played its part in the finished product. Palmiga Innovation contributed in some small way to the dramatic look of the finished car t [...]

The 3D printed coffee table is out

  After the successful launch of SMF 3D printed lamp, the UAU Project team is ready to hit the headlines, amongst their collection comes the 3D printed coffee table aka SMF.02. The SMF .02 might be the simplest wooden table y [...]

Kickstarter: 3D Print Your Own Apocalyptic Wargaming Scenery with Thunder Chrome

Hey there wargamers! Want to create a post-apocalyptic world straight out of your print bed? Well, you might want to take a look at Thunder Chrome, the latest 3D printable tabletop game to hit Kickstarter, which was created by des [...]

What is 3D Printing Art Really?

The occasion of international sculpture day serves as good excuse to survey how 3D printing has influenced the fine arts and assess whether the technology’s potential to “disrupt” has been fully realized. I haven’t seen this discu [...]

Teaching Students About Coding and 3D Printing with Minecraft

Quickly becoming a instant phenomenon in the video game industry after its release in 2011, the pixel-based sandbox game Minecraft has been used for educational purposes as much as it has been for entertainment. The game is especi [...]