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Since the the rise of the refugee crisis in Greece, it has left thousands of people displaced in a country they don't feel welcome in, with little to no way of interacting with the locals. People stranded in Greece have felt the b [...]

Always the pioneers on the sexual frontier, the French are at it once again. This time, however, they're focusing a largely ignored and/or erased sexual subject: the clitoris. Noticing the severe – and potentially dangerous – lack [...]

Last month, 3D Printing Industry took an in-depth look at the emerging potential of 3D printed toys for children. Through his research, our reporter posited that: "Kids who are exposed to rapid prototyping at an early age and deve [...]

A few weeks ago we were looking at Endurance's BB-8 Selfiebot. Endurance have now released details on their education program for schools worldwide. So far they are working with six different US colleges and some international sch [...]

A student from Breckenridge, Michigan has helped a young boy from Muskegon Heights feel like a superhero, by 3D printing a Captain America inspired prosthetic hand. Austin Brittain enrolled on a 3-D creation course at Central Mich [...]

Australia's University of Southern Queensland (USQ) has announced an exciting new addition to its archeology curriculum. With the help of Ellipsis Media, the university's Print Services business unit, archeology students at USQ ca [...]

Research will utilize Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's unique Dynamic Transmission Electron Microscope A grant from the National Science Foundation will enable researchers at the University of Pittsburgh to utilize a one-o [...]

This summer, MatterHackers and Enablingthefuture.org will launch a worldwide 3D printing design challenge called Within Reach. The challenge is to create new assistive tools for those with limited use of their hands, and can be ac [...]

PrintLab International wants to helps schools and universities around the world to create their own 3D printing labs and is working with brands and retailers on six continents to make it happen. It’s a simple concept, an online ec [...]

Education is the key to moving forward, and 3D printing is getting its own forms of teaching. Milan will be the home to a series of summer school sessions, teaching students how to design, model and print their own big 3D products [...]