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This autumn from 2-11 September the Royal Academy of Arts will be housing an exciting new 3D head scanner, the Veronica Scanner. Named from the Latin word vera meaning "true" and the Greek work eikōn meaning icon and image, the Ve [...]

There is a growing popularity in 3D printed concrete forms in recent years, which has many people waiting for an age of 3D printed houses and buildings, as well as other indoor and outdoor structures. Impremere AG is one company w [...]

The Egyptian Museum situated in Turin is one of the oldest Egyptian museums in the world, housing the countries second largest collection of valuable artefacts, after Cairo. It is considered by some, to be one of the countries mos [...]

In the art world, 3D printing continues to make waves from fashion design to the restoration of historic sculptures. Emerging artists are now finding more and more ways to express and expand upon their imaginations thanks to groun [...]

Recently, some experts have been restoring the sculptures of Buddha in Tianlongshan Grottoes in China through 3D scanning and integration. Up to now, the restoration has achieved remarkable progress with more than 130 sculptures d [...]

In an unsurprising turn of events, Dubai has once again made a significant step towards the future, paving the way for innovative technologies and unprecedented creations across industries. Already home to the world's first 3D pri [...]

Digital cutting and creasing innovator Highcon has partnered with leading architecture brand Eco Concrete Ideas to create the stunning Morpheus bench. The 2 meter bench is the result of Highcon's high-tech 3D modeling machines and [...]

Hulkbuster Iron Man suit, Slenderman, Bioshock Big Daddy- I have seen some pretty amazing cosplay over the years. From Sydney, to New York to London, I attend conventions whenever and wherever I can. I am a big lover of cosplay. I [...]

The Freiburg ‘Maulaufreisser’ (mouth gaping gargoyle) and his 3D twins The figure of speech, "carved in stone" implies eternal and indestructible, sadly, this doesn't apply to the unique architectural decoration features of the Fr [...]

Björk will be adorned in 3D printed attire for her upcoming digital shows as well as a live event in Australia. Inspired by Björk's most recent album, ‘Vulnicura', Neri Oxman and her team used 3D scans of Björk's face to create di [...]