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3D scanning a mosque in Kala-Koreysh

Factum Arte is a wonderful team of artists, technicians and conservationists dedicated to the documentation and preservation of items and sites of cultural significance (among other things). On the 10th of May, a team from Factum [...]

Factum Arte – preserving cultural heritage with 3D scanning

Factum Arte, is a Milan, London and Madrid based team of artists, technicians and conservationists dedicated to digital mediation - both in the production of works for contemporary artists and in the production of facsimiles as pa [...]

Highcon Shape, construction with paper

Paper and cardboard are wondrous substances and now we are finding new ways to use the materials in fashion, art and even construction thanks to the Highcon Shape, which is on display right now at the Drupa show. You might have se [...]

You can buy a stake in Retouch3D

The company behind Retouch3D is looking to build on its Kickstarter success with a £200,000 round of funding on investment platform Invesdor. It’s a simple concept and the end result is something like a heated Dremel tool for the [...]

3D printed house wins design challenge

 WATG Urban Architecture have designed the world’s first freeform 3D-printed house, and the proposal won first prize in the recent Freeform Home Design Challenge, sponsored by Branch Technology. The winning design named 'Curve App [...]

Be ready for the world first 3d printing auction

Marshall Burns has one of the biggest collections of 3D printed artifacts that goes back more than 25 years, which is virtually prehistoric in this context. Now the whole lot is set to go under the hammer and it could be the bigge [...]

Top 5 Cosplay Props and Armor of 2016

So guys, we're nearly halfway through the year. Already. How did that happen? (Rhetorical question, I understand how the flow of time works.) I've decided to take a look at some of the amazing things we've seen 3D printed in the w [...]

London Comic Con – 2: Cosplayer’s Opinions on 3D Printing

So one thing I noticed walking around London Comic Con on the weekend: a lot of everyday cosplayers get excited about 3D printing. I'm not talking about the hardcore, paid to be at conventions cosplayers (although I'm sure they lo [...]

London Comic Con: 3D Printing Potential

During the weekend, I walked around the convention floor at London Comic Con talking to some very talented cosplayers. The amount of creativity and skill they have put into their costumes is amazing! This young Batman was thrilled [...]

3D Printed Props vs Building From Scratch

I like to fancy myself as quite the geek. I have an obsession with sci-fi, I've been playing video games since I figured out how my thumbs worked, and I go to a lot of pop culture conventions, like this weekend's MCM London Comic [...]