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Brooklyn based MakerBot announced new 3D printing solutions yesterday (September 20), which promise to address the wider needs of professionals and educators. Coming shortly after the company's team up with Samsung to bring 3D pri [...]

Aether has entered into an array of 3D bioprinting collaboration agreements with some of the world's top universities and government backed institutions. The Aether 1, which is still yet to be fully unveiled, was first announced b [...]

From January of this year, you may remember XYZprinting and its da Vinci Mini going down a storm at CES Las Vegas, winning the Editors’ Choice Award for a market smashing price-tag and the high-performance as such a compact machin [...]

I caught up with UK company Renishaw (LON:RSW) at Chicago’s IMTS to talk about their new 3D printer and the strategy to help manufacturers make better products. Marc Saunders is Renishaw’s director of Global Solutions Centers. He [...]

South Korean-based company Rokit is a 3D printing manufacturer we've talked about on several occasions before. In February this year, they released Edison Invivo, a tissue engineering and bio-medical research 3D printer that uses [...]

Loads of new innovations are being announced at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS 2016) in Chicago by a number of industry heavy hitters this week. Among those yesterday (September 12) was Optomec, leading glob [...]

Recently emerging from stealth mode, Boston’s Rize Inc. is gearing up to launch their first 3D printer, the Rize One. The machine will be available by the end of the year and introduces a new 3D printing technology: the company ca [...]

Our team here at 3D Printing Industry recently profiled the CEO of the Chinese 3D printer brand, Hori and now, their printer, the Hori Z300 has been authorized by EU RoHS and is ready to enter into the European market. EU RoHS is [...]

Those who are experienced with 3D printers already know the perils of awkwardly vibrating print beds and slipping belts leading to print shifts. However, Fenner Precision and NinjaTek have released a new NinjaTek™ high torque timi [...]

When considering the advancements made through 3D printing technologies it is important to recognize the existing production market that can potentially see a real shift in the tides. In China, this market exists like nowhere else [...]