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Our team here at 3D Printing Industry recently profiled the CEO of the Chinese 3D printer brand, Hori and now, their printer, the Hori Z300 has been authorized by EU RoHS and is ready to enter into the European market. EU RoHS is [...]

Those who are experienced with 3D printers already know the perils of awkwardly vibrating print beds and slipping belts leading to print shifts. However, Fenner Precision and NinjaTek have released a new NinjaTek™ high torque timi [...]

When considering the advancements made through 3D printing technologies it is important to recognize the existing production market that can potentially see a real shift in the tides. In China, this market exists like nowhere else [...]

Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) has announced two new 3D printing demonstration models, 3D Infinite Build and Robotic Composite. As previously reported Stratasys, believe the 3D printing industry is “maturing and evolving”. The news prov [...]

Future construction sites could use recycled plastic and combine pre-fabricated elements with tailored on-site work with robots, according to a new paper from the AA School of Architecture. Of course, 3D printing lies at the heart [...]

Electroloom, which made what it claimed was the world’s first 3D fabric printer, has closed its doors. The company founders have tried in vain to raise more funds and have finally raised the white flag. The company launched on Kic [...]

Just after a significant upgrade to their firmware, Ilios 3D unveiled the latest product in their line of 3D printers. Initially manufactured to combat a need for affordable 3D printers that could build larger objects, Ilios print [...]

The ExOne Co. (NASDAQ:XONE) report record financial results in their second quarter earnings. In a statement issued after the NASDAQ stock market closed on Tuesday, S. Kent Rockwell, CEO and Chairman, explained the 38% year on yea [...]

3D printing has the potential to change the face of humanitarian aid and help millions of people around the world that are affected by disaster or war, according to Deloitte University. Essentially a thought leadership program fro [...]

Some big names have hit lean times of late in the 3D printing industry. Aleph, the company behind the Lulzbot 3D Printers line, is not one of them. A series of new products and an improved distribution network helped the company a [...]