HP Multi Jet Fusion: An IP Perspective

Updated by John Hornick on the 27/05/2016: A Class By Itself In late October 2014, HP rocked the 3D printing industry by announcing that its long-awaited 3D printer will be at least ten times faster than the competition because it [...]

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GE Oil & Gas to use robotics and 3D printing in futuristic Talamona plant

General Electric Oil & Gas is inventing the next industrial era in the oil and gas sector and the 26th of May 2016 marked the inauguration of two new high-tech component production lines at the GE Oil & Gas plant in Talamo [...]

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Materials under the spotlight

Researchers at Nottingham University now has a £3.5 million ($5.12 million) grant to develop new 3D printing materials. The team, led by Professor Ricky Wildman, will look into combinations of materials that could change the way w [...]

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The Digical Show London : Where Digital Meets Physical

iMakr are pleased to announce that the Digical Show has found its home!  Nestled in leafy Parsons Green, the Digical Show will bring together manufacturers, developers, designers, content providers, businesses and consumers pionee [...]

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Skull Wars lights up Kickstarter

Haven’t you always wanted a collection of skulls of some the best known characters on Star Wars? No? We didn’t either, but then we saw this novel Kickstarter and changed our minds. Skull Wars has created something of a stir, consi [...]

Exclusive : Interview with Avner Israeli, CEO of Massivit 3D

Although 3D printing primarily aims to transform production processes within the manufacturing world and has been steadily growing in the last 30 years into making that change, only now is the technology beginning to present viabl [...]

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Personalized 3D Printed Drug Delivery Systems

Acne is a cruel condition that attacks sufferers’ self-esteem, as well as their skin. It is caused by inflammation of the small oil glands that surround the fine hairs and it leads to infections that can be painful, unsightly and [...]

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Autodesk’s big plans for the future

Autodesk is one of the biggest names in Computer Aided Design, so it’s fair to say it is heavily involved in the 3D printing revolution. The California company has revolutionized so many other aspects of CAD that the tech world is [...]

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$100,000 backing for Canadian artists

Two Canadian artists have been awarded $50,000 each to produce 3D printed works that will go on show at the National Gallery of Canada. Geoffrey Farmer and Duane Linklater will both get to share the substantial fund. It is a joint [...]

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Build your own 3D printer thanks to BCN3D Technologies!

Here is one of the main actors of our share-friendly time : The Fundació CIM - a nonprofit Technological Institute of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - attached to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-Barcelona Tech, [...]

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