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Founded in 2010, DAQRI is a purveyor of augmented reality (AR) technology and based in Los Angeles, CA. DAQRI’s current range of hologram powered products project speedometer and GPS visualizations onto windscreens, and give AR da [...]

Now SolidWorks World is over for another year, 3D Printing Industry caught up with Jonathan Schroeder, President of large-scale 3D printer manufacturers 3D Platform who exhibited at the expo. 3D Platform was founded in 2014 and is [...]

A new video shows a smartphone 3D printer from Kickstarter funded company ONO producing a 3D print from resin. The 3D print has a “volume of 126 x 74 x 52 mm” and was 3D printed “in just 2.5 hours using a mid-range Android phone.” [...]

Chinese 3D printing company Winbo has captured the imagination with their many different 3D printer offerings. Additionally, they provide several filament options, in an array of bright colors. In this article we take a closer loo [...]

I spoke to MakerBot’s Josh Snider for an update on this week’s news that the 3D printing company has reduced headcount by 30%. Snider has been with MakerBot since July 2016, but in his new role for only a few days. In fact, the po [...]

The recently appointed CEO of Stratasys subsidiary MakerBot has announced his first move, a drastic reduction in headcount. In a blog post today Nadav Goshen, CEO explains that, “The leadership team and I have been working on a ne [...]

Tennessee-based DPP Technologies has released a large-area direct pellet extrusion (DPE) 3D printer that dramatically cuts the cost of high-grade materials. The pellet feed can be seen here in the center of the DPP XL MAAM DPE 3D [...]

Open Source 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D has released an update to their Sigma 3D printer. The Sigma is known for its independent dual extruder system (IDEX), which works with multi-materials, mutlicolors and simultaneous support [...]

Winbo, the Chinese 3D printing company, are looking to expand further with a call for resellers. The company's 3D printer range (minus the Super Helper series) Providing every 3D printer you can imagine Winbo has been in manufac [...]

SLA 3D printer manufacturers B9Creations, from Rapid City, South Dakota, has released the new high-resolution B9 Core Series of DLP printers. Capable of 3D printing at speeds up 100+ mm/hour, the B9 Core Series can produce hundred [...]