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In a promotion to rule them all, Polish 3D printer company Zortrax are offering their M200 FDM printer for $1 when you buy 87 spools of Zortrax 3D printing material. It's raining Zortrax Material! The Z-ULTRAT 9 color filament. P [...]

Last week, we introduced our readers to Winbo, manufacturers, educators and designers of all things 3D printing from Guangzhou, China. The company, which has been in manufacturing since 1995, is quickly becoming a major contender [...]

Ultimaker’s homepage was replaced this week with a teaser for the Ultimaker Gyro. Accompanied by Aphex Twin-esque electronic sounds, viewers were treated to a short video showing an intricate object, “made by Ultimaker”. Almost 90 [...]

The Builder Extreme 2000 is an FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) based 3D printer that not only looks like a phone booth, but it could also almost print a life-sized replica of Superman, at a height of anything up to 1.820m tall. [...]

Makex, an international company with bases in both China and America, are launching a new Kickstarter project today to fund a printer specially designed for making jewelry, and dentistry models. As a Digital Light Processing print [...]

Winbo Smart Tech are devoted to the development of 3D printing technologies in pretty much every way possible. The company’s infrastructure is designed in such a way that all a consumer needs is an idea and they provide the rest. [...]

Da Vinci Mini Maker printers from XYZPrinting are now available at Toys R Us stores in the UK. This collaboration with a household name is one of the first of its kind, and pips Mattel’s ThingMaker 3D printer to the post for comme [...]

Brooklyn based MakerBot announced new 3D printing solutions yesterday (September 20), which promise to address the wider needs of professionals and educators. Coming shortly after the company's team up with Samsung to bring 3D pri [...]

Aether has entered into an array of 3D bioprinting collaboration agreements with some of the world's top universities and government backed institutions. The Aether 1, which is still yet to be fully unveiled, was first announced b [...]

From January of this year, you may remember XYZprinting and its da Vinci Mini going down a storm at CES Las Vegas, winning the Editors’ Choice Award for a market smashing price-tag and the high-performance as such a compact machin [...]