Under Armour predict the future of sportswear in 3D printing and IoT

Sports apparel and accessories company Under Armour (NYSE:UAA), headquartered in Maryland, are looking to use big data to create bespoke, and 3D printed, products on-demand for the [...]

3D printing with the power of 5 print heads: Project Escher and Titan Robotics

At CES 2017, large format 3D printer manufacturers Titan Robotics, from Colorado Springs, announced that the 5-print-head Cronus 3D printer will be available to buy from February 2 [...]

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Winbo

With Chinese New Year fast approaching on the 28th January, we explore the use of 3D printing in celebrating the Spring Festival. In order to do so, we've teamed up with Chinese 3D [...]

Barack Obama on 3D printing and America’s manufacturing industry

In his seven years as President of the United States, Barack Obama has shown a lot of interest and support for 3D printing. In a presidential first, the Smithsonian institute 3D pr [...]

University of Nottingham’s FLAC project makes fuel efficient 3D printed car components

The University of Nottingham are researching the use of additive manufacturing in the automotive industry. The project is called Functional Lattices for Automotive Components (FLAC [...]

Made In Space explain how 3D printing is advancing the space industry

3D Printing Industry asked Justin Kugler, business development engineer at Jacksonville Florida’s Made in Space about plans for the future of additive manufacturing in space. Made [...]

Interviews with the artists behind 3D Printing: The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful

The National Centre for Craft & Design (NCCD) in Lincolnshire, UK is holding an exhibition titled 3D Printing: The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful. It runs from 28 January to 2 [...]

The 3D Benchy ‘torture test’ that pushes 3D printers to the limit

New to the world of 3D printing? Or wondering why people keep printing little boats on their 3D printers? The 3D Benchy is ‘the jolly 3D printing torture-test’ designed by Swedish [...]

Sliced 3D Printing Digest: BionicAircraft Project, Star Rapid rebrand, ZMorph and FashionTech Berlin

Today's sliced features: the BionicAircraft Project, Star Rapid's Star Trek themed rebrand, a new digital manufacturing course, ZMorph releasing a new 3D printer set, the FashionTe [...]

Self-assembling 3D printing inks produce more true-to-life tissue

Biological and chemical researchers are developing 3D printable inks capable of self-assembly, i.e. forming a shape based on a reaction within itself. In this article, 3D Printing [...]