Researchers test 3D printed medical implants, advances in regenerative medicine

New research describes how a team, “developed and implanted .. the world’s first” custom 3D printed airway stent. The work is a collaboration between Toulouse University Hospital’s [...]

3D printed polyester filament is just the tonic for drug-releasing implants

Research from the University of Greifswald, Germany, uses quinine, a substance found in tonic water also used to treat malaria, to study 3D printer filaments for their ability to g [...]

How 3D Printing was used to make the Oscars

The 3D Printing Industry Awards is our answer to the Oscars. In preparation for our annual celebration of 3D printing, we take a look at how the most famous accolade in film was ma [...]

Insights into how GE is using Additive Manufacturing from their Additive Technologies Leader

During the recent Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace, Defence and Space conference in London Edward Herderick, GE Corporate Supply Chain and Operations, set out how 3D printing i [...]

3D printing materials company Polymaker raises $5 million

Polymaker, a 3D printing filament manufacturer, has announced the close of a new round of equity funding totalling $5 million USD, led by a leading venture capital firm in China. [...]

Interview with Harvard’s 3D printing pioneer Jennifer Lewis

Professor Jennifer Lewis and her group in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, are behind some of the biggest stories in the 3D printing industry. [...]

3D Printing Industry Awards venue announced

As celebrities begin to gather in Los Angeles for the Oscar awards ceremony this weekend, 3D Printing Industry have more news about our industry’s own prestigious event: the 3D Pri [...]

Sliced 3D Printing Digest: Artec 3D, ColorFabb, Creaform, EnvisionTec’s new printer and Formlabs partnership

In this edition of Sliced, the 3D Printing Industry digest, we feature Artec 3D, Threeding, ColorFabb, NeoMetrix Technologies, Creaform, EnvisionTec, Twindom, Zahn Dental, and Form [...]

Winbo’s 8 Nozzle 3D printer technical specifications and pricing

Winbo, a Chinese 3D printing company, are the creators of the Super Helper 3D printer, the dual nozzle Cooper machine and a wide array of 3D printing filaments. In addition to thes [...]

Stuck on SLA 3D Printing? New research holds promise for big area additive manufacturing

SLA 3D printing is fast and produces objects at a high-resolution, making it an increasingly useful tool for dental, medical and jewelry applications. Once the 3D design is printed [...]