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Win a B9Creator 3D Printer by Winning the Love of Your Life

In 2012, B9Creations established itself as one of the original developers of open source DLP 3D printing with a successful Kickstarter campaign. Earning 10x its funding goal, the company spent the next couple of years improving the DLP technology behind its flagship B9Creator, leading to another campaign and another financial success. Since then, B9Creations has been in full business mode, lowering the price of its machine from $5495 to $4595 and making partners in the growing 3D printing industry, including Colorado-based The 3D Printing Store and UK-based iMakr.  Further symbolizing the startup’s growing success, B9Creations and iMakr are launching a Valentine’s Day Contest  through iMakr 3D printable’s site MyMiniFactory, in which the winner will receive their very own B9 Creator.

b9 creator myminifactory 3D printing valentine's contest

As a DLP 3D printer, the B9Creator is capable of 3D printing high-resolution parts using photosensitive resin. DLP printers, in particular, have seen success in the jewelry industry for their ability to create elaborate prints for the investment casting of fine jewelry. For the Valentine’s Day 3D Printing Design Competition, MyMiniFactory is asking artists and designers to submit 3D printable jewelry designs in honor of this most romantic of holidays. The MyMiniFactory staff will 3D print all entries, photograph them, and host them on their site for the community to download. The design with the most downloads will win the grand prize of a B9Creator. To enter follow MyMiniFactory’s rules listed below:

  • b9 creator 3D prints
    Prints demonstrating the fine resolution of the B9Creator. Photo via Tom’s Guide.

    Your completed STL. If it consists of multiple parts please zip these into a single file & send this to us.

  • Each part can be a maximum size of 9x5x15 cm (X x Y x Z)
  • Brief description of your design and its intended use.

You have from now until Valentine’s Day, so get designing! It’s my opinion that those driven by authenticity and passion will reach their goals.  So, my advice is to design your jewelry as though you’re after the love of your life, whether that be a person, activity, or belief that you’re passionate about.  Winners will be announced this coming March. May the most love-struck win!

Feature image via Make.