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B9Creator – Round 2 on Kickstarter

B9Creator, the open source DLP 3D printer project by Michael Joyce based in South Dakota, US is back on Kickstarter sourcing a second round of funding after successfully raising over half a million US dollars for the first B9Creator 3D printer last year. We reported recently on the B9Creator going open source and since shipping of version 1 of the 3D printer began, the user community has continued to expand and their hardware and software design has improved.

The second campaign was launched at the end of last week, and has already passed it’s US$25,000 goal, getting to $170,000 already, which speaks volumes about what the guys are achieving and the following that they have. The current campaign will end 9th April and has two specific goals:

1.  To complete the planned hardware improvements and make them available to the existing B9Creator community through three “Upgrade Options”.  It is very important to the team of B9Creator that their original backers have the latest and greatest possible hardware available if they wish to use it.

2.  To make the B9Creator v1.1 available to those who have been patiently waiting to get their own B9Creator.  By supporting the B9Creator in the second round, backers will be rewarded with the most recent functional system that incorporates all of the hardware improvements.

The support via Kickstarter has been a very important source of funding for B9Creator and they wish to keep developing and improving their open source 3D printer offering in order to ensure that creating 3D objects will become simpler, faster and more reliable.

The three upgrade options for second round backers are aimed at existing owners of B9Creator 3D printers:

(Pledge $101 or more) Upgrade Option 1 – Deeper VAT, Improved Sweeper, Table Support Extension. Simpler, eliminates Reserve Resin Bottle.

(Pledge $173 or more) Upgrade Option 2 – Option 1 + Improved Tracks, Improved Z Axis, Z-Decoupler. Improved print quality

(Pledge $277 or more) Upgrade Option 2 – Option 1 and 2 + New Metal Parts. Eliminates need to drill and modify existing parts.

Visit the B9Creator website or Kickstarter page for more information.