The Team Behind the B9Creator 3D Printer Believe Open Source Is The Way Forward

The B9Creator is one of a handful of 3D Printers in the entry-level space in this sector that is based on the DLP process, which brings with it a focus on accuracy and precision. This 3D printer was also among the first to garner successful backing via Kickstarter — in June of last year raising $513,423 in funding.

Blue B9Creator 3D Printer

And the team behind it, headed by Michael Joyce, have now made an interesting decision indeed, in that they are releasing the B9Creator project files, under license, to allow anyone to create their own B9Creator 3D printer.

The belief is that this will be a mutually beneficial move and that making the files open source will support the maker community whose feedback and support is also an essential part of the B9Creator’s continued R&D.

B9C Printed logoThe B9Creator’s software source code can be downloaded via its Github page — it is open source, licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3. [Note: Software development is done using C++ under the Qt Framework and may be cross compiled on Windows, Mac or Linux.]

The B9Creator’s firmware source code and interface API documents can be downloaded here. And the BOM, CAD and Gerber source files can be downloaded here.

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