3D Printing

What’s up duck? A 3D printer saved my life

3D printing will never stop exciting me with the many ways it can change our lives for the better. I particularly like to hear how the technology can help humans feel better. Today I wanted to look at how animals could also benefit from 3D printing.

Phillip the duck lost his feet to frostbite last winter. His owner, Vicky Rabe-Harrison, decided to act to save his life. Traditional medical techniques were out of budget for Vicky. She had to turn to innovation to find the best and most affordable solution, namely designing and 3D printing 2 custom flippers for Philip.
Vicky first turned to the internet to search for solutions. Luckily she came across videos on Youtube of 3D printing in action. Digging further, she got into contact with Jischke, a teacher at South Park Middle School. Jischke is a maker and the proud owner of a desktop 3D Printer.
Jischke started to work on a design for Philip. After a few prototypes and hours and hours of 3D printing, he successfully created two new feet for the lucky duck. He produced them using Ninja Flex, a flexible filament. With its new 3D printed feet, Philip was able to walk again, to run again, to live again.
Thanks Jischke for your amazing work. 3D printing is for us all, humans and animals!
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