Want to win a Raise3D Plus Dual Extrusion 3D Printer?

If characters such as Mega Man, Ryo (Street Fighter, 1982), Viewtiful Joe or Morrigan (Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, 1994) tickle your imagination, then you are exactly who Capcom is looking for.

The Challenge

In a new competition sponsored by 3D printer manufacturers Raise3D, Capcom wants you to choose an original Monster Hunter Generation weapon and re-create or re-imagine it using 3D design software and a 3D printer.

Monster Hunter Generation is a popular game for the Nintendo 3DS where your character does battle with a series of outlandishly overblown weapons and comically styled monsters. Every battle is akin to the boss-battles fondly remembered from games gone by. The franchise is incredibly popular in Japan, and that region will receive an update later this year according to Capcom’s website.

Classic Capcom characters. Image via GamesRadar.
Classic Capcom characters. Image via GamesRadar.

How to enter and win a 3D printer

The organizers want you to re-imagine one the many weapons from the game as something that might be found in the real world. For example recreating one the plethora of swords as a barbecue tool, or remaking the gunlance for a more tranquil domestic purpose. Alternatively, if you’re really fond of the weapons in the game then 3D printing one of these is still a way to win.

The 3D design competition was announced earlier today by MyMiniFactory and will be open until the 21st of February. Winners will be announced on the 8th of March.

Entrants should submit 3D designs and photos of their 3D printed creation along with the tag MonsterHunter to the MyMiniFactory website.

Monster Hunter Generation Jinouga character armour. Image via Monster Hunter.
Monster Hunter Generation Jinouga character armor. Image via Capcom.

Inspiration for the competition

Monster Hunter Generation weapons are known for their size and the competition organizers want this to be reflected in the 3D designs and prints.

To give you some inspiration, here are some in game examples.

A weapon from Monster Hunter Generation. Image via Capcom.
Monster Hunter Generation Weapon Choice, sourced from MyMiniFactory
 Another unfeasibly large weapon. Image via Capcom.

Monster Hunter Generation game footage. Gif via Monster Hunter.

3D printers as prizes

The first prize winner will take away a Raise3D N2 Dual Extrusion Printer, worth $3500 and a bonus prize. The winning design will also be 3D printed and exhibited at next years CES in Las Vegas. The winner will also receive a bundle of gifts from Monster Hunter, including a Monster Hunter branded Nintendo 3DS.

The runner up’s will also be able to share the glory and will receive a Monster Hunter swag bag, including the Monster Hunter branded Nintendo 3DS.


Anyone can enter the competition, just as long as you have access to 3D design software and a 3D printer. Full terms and further details about the give away can be found here.

Featured image from Capcom shows a Monster Hunter in action.