3D Printing

VECTARY Creates 3D Design Platform for All Users

3D printing is widely marketed as allowing people to bring their ideas to life. However, 3D printing is only useful if that person can create a 3D model that accurately replicates their idea. This is where frustration can set in. Traditional CAD programs aren’t very user friendly, require a powerful computer, and are quite costly. VECTARY, a startup out of Slovakia, is looking to change the way we think about 3D modeling by creating an interface that allows anyone to design detailed models.

Snapshot of Vectary 3D modeling for 3d printing software

The program combines a user-friendly interface needed for consumers with a level of customization required by professionals. Their platform will be entirely cloud-based and can run on nearly any device with web access. Models are automatically saved on their cloud, and can be easily shared.

Vectary 3D modeling for 3d printing software

VECTARY’s creator’s noticed how much time can go into creating a basic shape in traditional modeling software. In order to help streamline the initial design, VECTAY comes with a list of pre-made parametric shapes. A series of sliders allow the designer to tailor the shape’s dimensions to fit their idea. For even finer detail, the user can modify an object’s mesh.


The startup has a unique strategy for generating revenue from this project. There are no fees to join the site, and it’s completely free to setup and design your model. However, users will have to pay a fee for each file they wish to download. They’ll also offer the option to print it directly through a registered VECTARY printing partner.

VECTARY will be going live in the spring, but they’re allowing a few users to gain early access. Just sign up with your email address for a chance to be one of the first adopters!