3D Printing

Turn Your CNC Mill into a Hybrid 3D Printer with FASTRAX

With the FASTRAXMany 3D printers and CNC mills operate under largely the same principles. Over the past few years, quite a few companies have attempted to take advantage of this by developing hybrid systems capable of both; in fact, even this week, the Adam hybrid machine was unveiled by Italian company Northhype. Now, FASTRAX has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a unique product that can turn an existing CNC mill into a 3D printer in a matter of minutes. With the FASTRAX attachment, users can turn an existing CNC mill into a hybrid machine or repurpose an older machine that’s not being used.

fastrax cnc mill to 3D printer

The FASTRAX module was developed as an attachment that connects to any 4-axis CNC mill, just like any other mill end or drill bit. Describe the attachment as plug-n-play, FASTRAX says that 3D printing is as simple as connecting and loading up your own CNC software, with no special tools or software to worry about. The entire setup consists of a print-head assembly, heat-sink, fan, bowden tube assembly, and a touchscreen controller. The touchscreen controller allows users to select the type of filament, change the temperature of the extruder and optional heated bed.

fastrax cnc mill to 3D printer on kickstarter

FASTRAX suggests that their attachment is capable of producing prints that are more accurate than 99% of the FDM printers on the market. They even go so far as to say that the attachment is non-leaking, non-jamming, comes with integrated filament filters, efficient cooling and insulation and fire protection, among many other features. Additionally, FASTRAX says that the attachment has breezed through 40 hour prints with no problem.

FASTRAX is led by Dante Duby, whose background is in high tech (Satellite Systems, Missile Guidance System, Military Radio’s, etc.). This product was initially developed for his own personal use before evolving into the attachment you see today. Dante says that he has many other 3D related products in the works. More information about the FASTRAX plug-n-play attachment can be found on their Kickstarter page.