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Thor3D launches Calibry Mini handheld 3D scanner – Technical specifications and pricing

Russian handheld 3D scanner developer Thor3D has announced the launch of its new Calibry Mini scanning device. 

The 3D scanner is designed for digitizing smaller objects and the device is marketed as a lightweight, simple, and affordable solution for applications in doctors’ surgeries, schools, and museums. 

“Doctors will now have all the tools they might need to digitize any part of the human body, from a finger to a full-body scan. Museums will now be able to capture entire collections, from jewelry to full-sized vintage carriage,” said Anna Zevelyov, CEO of Thor3D. “During development, our R&D engineers conducted a series of tests, and we can say that the quality and detail of the data is very compelling.”

“By adding the Mini to the original Calibry in our product portfolio, we have created a complete 3D-scanning toolbox.”


Thor3D’s 3D scanning expertise

Since it was founded in 2015, Thor3D has launched a series of handheld 3D scanners, operating from its sites in Dusseldorf, Germany, and Moscow, Russia. The company’s first device, the self-titled Thor3D, was designed to scan medium-to-large objects and featured tracking software which simplified the scanning process. 

While the original has since been discontinued, Thor3D has released two new iterations of the device in the meantime: the Drake and the Calibry. Launched by the company in 2016, the Drake 3D wireless scanner came equipped with three interchangeable lenses, enabling users to avoid the hassle of calibration when switching objects. As a more ‘heavy-duty’ scanner, the Drake also had an additional projector, enabling it to capture sharp edges and thin plastic walls. 

The Calibry meanwhile, was first introduced at TCT Asia in 2019. Named after a hummingbird due to its reduced weight and size, the scanner was created to image historically challenging objects, and was the first to feature Thor3D’s own proprietary camera. The device was reportedly able to capture black and reflective objects in high detail, surfaces that sometimes prove tricky to 3D scanners.

Thor3D’s new Calibry Mini 3D scanner (pictured) features blue LED technology, enabling it to capture more detail than its predecessor. Image via Thor3D.

The Calibry Mini 3D scanner

With the release of the Calibry Mini, Thor3D has added another bird-themed scanner to its portfolio that’s been custom-made to capture smaller objects in high detail. The company’s new device inherits the best technical capabilities from the original too. For instance, the equipment still scans black and shiny objects in high-resolution, so even the smallest characteristics such as fingerprints are reportedly visible.

Thor3D’s proprietary camera returns as well, which is capable of capturing images at 30 frames per second and offers three tracking modes, making it adaptable and easier to use. What’s more, while the scanner has been purpose-built to digitize objects from 2 cm to 30 cm in length, the device’s software is still reportedly capable of imaging anything from “a car door, to the whole car.”

Compared to its predecessor, the Mini is actually the same weight, with both coming in at 900g, but precision is where the new model excels. The Mini’s blue LED technology enables it to reach an accuracy level of 0.07mm and a point resolution of 0.15mm, compared to the previous edition’s 0.1mm and 0.6mm respectively. What’s more, the new edition features a better depth of view as well at 180-300mm, further highlighting its credentials as a detail-oriented device. 

The scanner also comes packaged with Thor3D’s unlimited “Calibry Nest” software, making it a viable solution for schools or those running on tight budgets. In educational settings, for instance, the software could theoretically be installed on “every computer in the classroom,” enabling students to learn at their own pace, according to the company. Moreover, the program’s interface has been designed to make it easy-to-use, potentially lending itself to medical or museum applications too. 

Thor 3D's new scanner is capable of imaging items in precise detail, such as this vase. The picture on the left is the photo, and the scan is on the right. Picture via Thor3D.
Thor3D’s new scanner is capable of imaging items in precise detail, such as this vase. The picture on the left is the photo, and the scan is pictured on the right. Photo via Thor3D.

Technical specifications and pricing

The Thor3D Calibry Mini handheld 3D scanner is available for purchase today from the Thor3D website, with prices starting at €6,490 or $6,999, including the Calibry Nest post-processing software. Below you’ll find the technical specifications for the piece of kit.

Thor3D Calibry Mini 3D Scanner Technical Specifications 
Accuracy Up to 0.07 mm
Accuracy over distance Up to 0.1 mm over 1 m
Point resolution Up to 0.15 mm
Depth of view 180-300 mm
Field of view Min 86×115 mm
Max 144×192 mm
Texture Yes
Light source Blue LED
Frame Rate 25-30 fps
Data Acquisition speed 1M points/sec
Multi-core processing Yes
Weight 900 gr (1.9lbs)
Touchscreen Yes, 4 in
Software Yes, included in the price
Operating temperature +5 – +40C


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Featured image shows Thor3D’s new Calibry Mini 3D scanner. Image via Thor3D.