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Stratasys Launches 3D Printing Education Program

Stratasys has long been involved in education, supporting schools with 3D printers and expertise as well as encouraging young designers with 3D printing contests.  And, through their MakerBot subsidiary, the company has played a role in spreading 3D printing in school programs worldwide. Today, however, the 3D printing leader announced a move that more officially signals the targeting of the education sector, with the development of seven education modules for middle and high schools.

stratasys 3D modeling module 3D printing education student

The modules are meant to provide teachers with everything they need to explore product development, from drawing to 3D modeling to 3D printing.  The projects are broken down in terms of duration – from days to weeks – as well as difficult and education level – from beginner to advanced. These modules are not limited to the classroom setting and are meant for use on any CAD software, however, and a complete designer toolkit will give educators the means to teach industry standards and best practices for design for 3D printing.

3D printed Earbud_Holder education

Stratasys’ North America Education Manager Jesse Rotenberg says of the new program, “We saw an educator need and took responsibility to bring active learning projects around design for 3D printing to our customers. The launching of Stratasys post-secondary curriculum modules is the first step in providing support to educators and students who are integrating 3D printing in the classroom. The toolkit and modules are a guide for instructors to follow, allowing for flexibility to modify for their students, which was important in creating a successful program that will integrate with the various STEAM programs taught in the schools.”

Michael Santolupo, from John Paul II Catholic Secondary School, worked with Stratasys to develop the modules.  He adds, “These modules are a great guide for instructors, helping them to integrate 3D printing into their teaching strategy, and they’re also vital to the students, helping empower them to revolutionize their understanding of the design and making process and maximize their potential at such an early stage.”

Stratasys plans to release the modules throughout the school year, but, for now, Stratasys has opened up a sneak peek of a beginner level project for designing Ear Bud Holders, a project meant to take one week’s time to complete.