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Stratasys Joins Adobe for Direct 3D Printing Service

Adobe has slowly been integrating greater and greater direct 3D printing compatibility into its Photoshop software, allowing 3D models to be prepped for printing on local 3D printers or via 3D printing services, like Shapeways. Now, announced at Adobe MAX in LA, the software giant has taken on the largest player in the 3D printing industry, incorporating Stratasys complete industrial manufacturing capacities into Photoshop CC through Stratasys Direct Express.

Stratasys Neri Oxman 3d printing OTAARED

Photoshop CC allows 3D designers to prep their files for 3D printing, including price quotation, print validation, and previewing. While Photoshop could previously connect these users to some industrial processes, the new partnership brings on all of the 3D printing capabilities of Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, the company’s service wing which includes their stunning PolyJet process. In addition to the company’s in-house stereolithography, fused deposition modeling, and selective laser sintering machines, Stratasys is allowing Adobe users to send files to be printed by their multi-material, multi-color PolyJet systems, implemented to create such amazing works as those by Neri Oxman

stratasys direct express 3D printing optionsThis is all made possible by Stratasys Direct Express, the company’s self-service website that allows customers to simply upload files and 3D print them through the company’s service wing. In addition to 3D printing tech, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing houses a number of conventional manufacturing technologies and is one of the largest such providers of advanced manufacturing worldwide. Dan Yalon, executive vice president of business development, marketing and vertical solutions for Stratasys, says of the partnership, “Stratasys is poised to help product designers, artists, engineers and makers push the boundaries of color 3D printing. Partnering with Adobe is a major step in achieving this goal. We are confident that together we will introduce more creative professionals to the world of additive manufacturing and provide them with all the tools they need to effortlessly turn their visions into colorful, beautiful reality.”

Adil Munshi, VP and General manager Print and Publishing BU for Adobe, added, “Adobe and Stratasys share a common vision: to provide our users with the ultimate color 3D printing experience and enable them to create amazing things no one ever dreamed of before,” said “We are excited to be working together with Stratasys to help users unleash the full potential of color 3D printing.”

3D printed sculpture polyjet

To showcase to Adobe users just what is possible with Stratasys Direct Express, the company is a Gold Sponsor at Adobe MAX 2015, where they are currently displaying a wide array of 3D printed works. On top of that, three Stratasys users are presenting their use of PolyJet multi-material, multi-color 3D printing at the event. These users include Legacy Effects’ Jason Lopes, who uses the tech for some really spectacular movie props and special effects; visual artist Nick Ervinck, created the above sculpture; and Shajay Booshan, who applies Stratasys 3D printing to his work at Zaha Hadid Architects. They’ll also be hosting a design challenge, with a prize of two prizes worth $1,000 each for use with Stratasys Direct Express.

The partners also announced that they have united to develop a unique color 3D printing software created by Stratasys and Adobe, which is interesting news given the partnership between software giants Autodesk and Microsoft, who seek to dominate the 3D printing software space in their own right.