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Staples.com Now Selling XYZprinting's 3D Printer Line

XYZprinting has had a lot of new and innovative tricks up its sleeves, as of late, as they try to solidify their standing as one of the world’s leading consumer 3D printing companies, recently adding a vast array of 3D printers, such as the da Vinci 1.0 Pro, to their already wide-ranging product line. The Taiwanese-based company has now found their da Vinci printers and specialized filaments a home with Staples, the office supply chain who will now be featuring XYZprinting’s products for sale on their website. The 3D printing company’s partnership with Staples is aimed to supply small businesses and educational institutions with access to affordable 3D printing technology.


“It has been our focus to expand the distribution of our products to designers, engineers, architects, and also to beginners in the field such as educators and students,” says CEO of XYZprinting Simon Shen. “Staples provides the entry point for customers to experience all that there is with 3D printing by offering XYZprinting products online.”

3dprinting_staplesStaples.com will be carrying the entire da Vinci 3D printing product line, from the da Vinci Junior (priced at $349), all the way up too the da Vinci AiO (their higher-grade 3D printer/scanner combination priced on Staples for $799.99), and will also offer XYZprinting’s refillable ABS filament cartridges ($24.99) and their biodegradable PLA filament ($27.99), as well. The one-year warranty that generally comes from purchasing directly for XYZprinting will still be in tact through Staples.com, too, and XYZprinting will still offer customer support through their Staples distribution deal and connect their consumers to helpful tutorials via YouTube.

XYZprinting’s da Vinci 1.0AiO

The move could prove helpful for both XYZprinting and Staples. The 3D printing company is attempting to reach a broader audience by offering their product line through Staples.com, while Staples, on the other hand, may be able to find themselves with a product line based on an up-and-coming technology. “As one the first major U.S. retailers to carry 3D printers, this adds to the great selection of 3D printing products we offer our customers,” says Vice President of Staples’ Technology Merchandising Eric Clayton. “And we look forward to working with XYZprinting to make their products even more accessible.”

Photo by Danielle Matich of Volim Photography

These two well-recognized companies likely have a lot to offer one another by partnering up. XYZ can continue to tap the 3D printing market of the United States, as it already has done via Walmart.com, while Staples can try and establish themselves as a top 3D printing technology retailer, in addition to their new role as a service provider through Sculpteo. Although many 3D printing companies and office supply retailers exist outside of XYZprinting and Staples, the two renowned companies seem to have discovered that placing XYZprinting’s 3D printer products into the broader Staples marketplace may prove beneficial for both sides.