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SOLS Custom 3D Printed Insoles Introduced to Over 43K Physical Therapists

Manufacturer of custom, 3D printed insoles, SOLS Systems is in the process of becoming a thread in the fabric of mainstream medical device. Last year, SOLS custom insoles were made available to qualified podiatrists who applied to be a part of the SOLS network.  The orthotics company has now announced a partnership that will bring their products to an even greater number of patients plagued with foot pain and other issues.  Teaming with web-based electronic medical record (EMR) company WebPT, SOLS will now be introduced to more than 43,000 rehab therapy professionals in the WebPT rehab network.

Along with WebPT’s EMR service, the application includes an ecommerce platform for rehab professionals to purchase physical therapy products for their clients.  The new partnership will see SOLS offered through the WebPT Marketplace at a discount price.  Now, WebPT users will be able to scan patients’ feet using an iPad and the SOLS app, allowing them to prescribe custom, 3D printed insoles to patients based on electronic foot scans.

3D scanning feet 3D printed custom insoles from sols

WebPT Cofounder and COO, Heidi Jannenga, expressed excitement at teaming with another female tech leader, SOLS Founder and CEO, Kegan Schouwenburg. Jannega commented, “SOLS is revolutionizing the foot orthotics industry, and WebPT prides itself in developing technology that has the potential to disrupt the status quo in health care. That’s why I’m excited to help introduce this innovative company to the physical therapy industry. I’m also personally proud to work with another trailblazing woman executive.”

sols 3D printed insoleSchouwenburg added, “WebPT and SOLS are paving the way and giving rehab professionals nationwide the exciting opportunity to integrate orthotics into their core practices. We believe this partnership allows rehab professionals to expand their treatment capabilities to a more holistic approach. This is an important step towards enabling people everywhere to gain access to quality custom orthotics that allow them to live a pain-free life.”

SOLS is set to bring 3D printing into the lives of ordinary people in a big way. By providing personalized orthotics to improve the comfort of footwear, SOLS is a practical and important demonstration of just how 3D printing can transform manufacturers from a one-size-fits-all mentality to a future in which products are mass tailored to consumers. With this recent partnership, the company is only continuing to expand its influence in the medical market and ensure that 3D printing fundamentally changes the way that podiatry is performed.