3D Printing

Sigma Labs to 3D Print Metal Parts Commercially

Sigma Labs, Inc. (SGLB), has announced plans to move beyond their previous business of developing quality inspection systems for metal 3D printing, to commercial 3D printing itself.  This month, the company will receive a new M290 metal 3D printer from EOS and, by the end of November, the company plans to complete the installation of their PrintRite3D® quality assurance system onto the machine.  With their new machine, equipped with PrintRite3D®, Sigma Labs will begin fulfilling requests for 3D printed metal components.

printrite 3d printer
Sigma Labs’ PrintRite3D® system.

President and CEO of Sigma Labs, mark Cola, said of the news, “We are pleased that we will soon have the ability to begin commercial production of 3D printed parts upon the installation of our new state-of-the-art M290 3D metal printer. Our successful marketing efforts have resulted in the receipt of advance requests for quotes for 3D printed parts.  This demand recognizes our unique value proposition which brings together the latest in 3D metal printing machinery with our PrintRite3D® technology for high-end, precision metal parts.”

The New Mexico-based company will now be able to move beyond the production of its own commercial quality assurance systems, PrintRite3D® INSPECT™, already on the market, and PrintRite3D® DEFORM™, to be introduced early next year.  Soon, they will be able to produce parts for others, expanding their capabilities in the 3D printing space.