3D Printing

Samsung Innovation Team to Explore 3D Printing, Robotics, and UAVs

According to Business Korea, sources at Samsung Electronics have previously stated that the company would not enter the 3D printing industry for another ten years or so.  Today, however, news has come out of The Korea Times suggesting that the electronics giant is already beginning research into the technology, along with other cutting edge projects, with a new innovation team that we might as well call Samsung X.

A representative at Samsung Electronics has said that the company’s new innovation team, led by Samsung chief of mobile Shin Jong-kyun, will explore such technologies as virtual reality, UAVs, robotics, and 3D printing, explaining, “The team will explore how technologies could help people’s daily life for a better future… Given the significance of the team, members will have more authority and independence because the main purpose of the team isn’t to develop single devices for any imminent results, but to develop solutions to go with Samsung’s manufacturing capabilities.”

samsung vr headset 3D printing
Photo via AnandTech.

The team, somewhat similar to Google X, will operate independently from Samsung Electronics, with no direct links to the company’s structure and divisions. Korea Times suggests that the team may be a response to the drop in profits related to Samsung’s smartphone business.  Another Samsung representative added, “Samsung’s previous success was mostly due to releasing products that are competitive in pricing. This is an old business formula. We need to constantly explore new ways to meet the needs of people through innovation and updated technologies. This is why Samsung is accelerating efforts to collaborate with governments and is putting more focus on developing solutions embedded with our components and technologies.”

If Google is pushing its competitors into robotics, drones, and other technologies, we can look forward to a whole bunch of cool electronics in the near future. Or the end of world as we know it. Or both.