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Rize™ One Brand New Printer, Making Innovational Leaps

Rize™ One, Breaking Through Barriers in 3D Printing Technology

3D printing technology has just hit new heights with the brand new Rize™ One printer. The machine is the only zero-post-processing 3D printer, enabling it to reduce turnaround time by 50%, cut costs, and improve part strength. It’s also able to eliminate harmful materials.

Rize Inc, made gigantic leaps in the development of this breakthrough technology that has redefined 3D printing standards. The highlights of the new printer includes the elimination of the need for materials, equipment, facilities and mess helping to rectify some of the obstacles being made for desktop machines, and the stunting of their usage. Allowing users to remove desktop machines from dedicated lab environments which is all due to the accessibility of this new printer.

Longworth Venture Partners and SB Capital have backed the project with $4M in seed funding, Rize One is currently entering beta with Reebok and will be available later on in the year.

Rize One’s specialist, patented Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD™) process and RiziumÔ One, Rize’s unique engineering and medical-grade thermoplastic filament, are allowing users to simplify the post-processing functions, meaning printed parts can be released cleanly, safely and quickly with no specialist equipment, straight from their support structures. Resulting in no filing, and no sanding! Much simpler!

“Post-processing has been 3D printing’s dirty little secret, as engineers and additive manufacturing lab managers wrestled with the reality that post-processing parts after 3D printing often doubled the total process time; added substantial costs; and prevented 3D printers from the desktop,” said Frank Marangell, President and CEO of Rize and former president of Objet North America. “Rize One eliminates those sacrifices, opening a world of possibilities for designers and engineers to deliver prototypes and on-demand finished parts much faster and with stronger material – than before. Whether 3D printing helps you go to market, or create a market, Rize will fundamentally alter your production cycle.”

For creative’s who require on-demand production parts to fuel quick and effective prototyping, Rize One will work to alter the delivery of a finished part. The benefits are endless, need to rush to a meeting with an updated prototype? Have a customer waiting on a piece and need to hit that deadline fast? Rize One will solve that issue.

“We run our 3D printers 24/7 to create the parts central to Reebok’s innovation, and, unfortunately, post processing has been a necessary but laborious and time-consuming process,” said Gary Rabinovitz, Additive Manufacturing Lab Manager at Reebok. “An easy-to-use, zero post-processing 3D printer like Rize would dramatically improve workflow, enabling us to deliver parts as much as 50% faster than similar technologies, while reducing the cost of labor, materials and equipment.”

Rize One original and primary design was to be used by engineers and product designers, across industrial and commercial applications. They seek to offer a better solution of prototyping for proof of concept and form, functional testing within real world conditions and for end-use production parts and tooling. Users should expect an improved design experience, product accuracy, a reduction of defects during manufacturing, cost reduction and generally an overall streamlining of operations.

The technology can cover a wide range of materials, that offer their own challengers and properties with ease, helping to create a wide spectrum of applications.

“With its experience and pedigree in the industry, Rize has put together a dream team,” said Nilanjana Bhowmik, Partner at Longworth Venture Partners. “This innovation will make a significant impact on the 3D printing industry.”

Rize has harnessed the expertise of a deeply experienced team of 3D printing materials, hardware and software professionals from Z Corporation, Objet and Revit with over 20 patents. That team is led by Marangell, who took Objet, in six years, from a garage-based startup in the U.S. to an $85M behemoth, setting up an acquisition by Stratasys. The Company was co-founded in by Eugene Giller, who developed inkjet 3D printing technology at Z Corporation and Leonid Raiz, inventor of 3D CAD software, architect of PTC’s Pro Engineer and founder of Revit.


About Rize Inc. 

Rize is unlocking 3D printing for new markets and driving the next wave of innovation and advancement in product design and manufacturing with patented APD (Augmented Polymer Deposition) technology that provides the only hassle-free, safe and affordable industrial-class 3D printing solution. Our deeply experienced team of former Z Corporation, Objet and Revit materials, hardware and software experts, with over 20 patents, is fulfilling an unmet need for a completely office-safe and affordable 3D printing platform that can be used successfully across a wide variety of commercial applications, including prototyping, production parts and tooling, fixtures and jigs. https://www.rize3d.com


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