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Rapid prototyping is changing the way children use and interact with toys. Throughout time, toys have been an excellent way for children to use their creativity and imagination. Today, toys offered by rapid prototyping services are providing more interactive and educational experiences in addition to being fun. And, parents are also in support of this 3D-printed toy movement that is helping to teach children invaluable skills for the rest of their lives.


Early Toys

The early days of 3D-printed toys left people amazed by the technology, but less than overjoyed by the design options. In the past, people had highly limited options pertaining to design and materials. Plastic materials were the only options widely available for people to use. This was highly limiting when it came to designs, inspirations, and marketable consumer products. A market did exist for such toys that were basic and inexpensive, however the key demographics were hardly running to their computers to order such products by the masses. One of the significant developments of such limitations was the drive of engineers and rapid prototyping services to create better designs, to develop better machines that used alternative materials, and to provide better services. It was the shortcomings of the past that have led to the exciting times of today and tomorrow.


The Maker Movement

The maker movement has been exploding during the past decade to help catapult the present of 3D-printed toys. This movement is transforming shopping and consumerism from a passive experience to a hands-on experience. While many industries are making the shift to a maker industry, the toy industry is particularly embracing this movement with the help of parents. In recent years, parents have embraced the idea that their children can have additional learning opportunities in a variety of ways by providing them with life experiences that is both fun and educational. The toy industry has taken notice.


The Present Toy State


The present paints a far different picture than the past in rapid prototyping services. Today, 3D-printing technology development and software designs are transforming the industry on an entirely different level than years’ past. Mobile devices app stores are revolutionizing the way children select toys. Parents no longer have to spend countless hours in crowded stores to select the same toys that all other kids have. In the privacy of their own homes, while out to dinner, or anywhere families are on the go, kids can easily customize the toys of their dreams. They can choose everything from colors to size of popular designs. These custom designs can then be printed and shipped directly to the family’s doorstep.

In addition to teaching children about 3D printing and software design, this industry shift is also providing new opportunities to rapid prototyping services and entrepreneurs alike. As the desire for customized toys continues to grow, both children and parents will have more control over the items available for print as opposed to large corporations dictating the toys placed on shelves. Parents can order custom toys for parties and even create unique designs for each child. The possibilities are becoming endless.

The Future

The future of rapid prototyping is exciting and somewhat yet unimaginable. In the very near future, many kids will have easy access to 3D printers whether it be in their own homes or through rapid prototyping services specializing in custom toys. It is also possible that kids will be learning how to use 3D graphics to design their own software to create their own customized toys to be sold to toy manufacturers, rapid prototyping companies, and the general public. Kids who are exposed to rapid prototyping at an early age and develop an interest in the industry through 3D-printed toys will develop a lifelong skill that can help them be more employable in the future. It will also foster the creative and technical sides of their brains to potentially increase their chances at becoming successful innovators and entrepreneurs.


From the beginning, the rapid prototyping of toys has been opening the eyes of both adults and children alike. Parents now have greater control over the toys their children play with, and children have the ability to use their imagination to create the toys they want. And, the future of 3D-printed toys can only help the development and life potential of all children the world over.