3D Printing

Ralph Ferro’s 3D Printing Course in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania Fills Fast

It does not matter where it will be held, if you have a 3D printing informational course, it will likely fill to capacity. One of the most recent seminars offered in the United States will take place November 11 in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania for two hours and it is already full with 22 students. Leading the course is engineer and print enthusiast Ralph Ferro.

The resident of the Lower Merion Township heard his calling and felt compelled to share his enthusiasm and knowledge with others. He already brings teaching experience to the table honed as an instructor at the Lower Merion Night School. The instructor is a Network Engineer and became enthralled with 3D printing after reading about its application, especially in the field of prosthetics.

In case you were curious about the course offerings for comparison with what is offered in your locale, here is the outline:

1. Discussion of building your own versus purchasing a system that runs out-of-the-box.
2. Demonstration of the 3D Printing toolpath: The steps, tools, software and procedures to go from an idea, —to a design of a model, — to a computer file, — to output to a 3D printer.
3. 3D scanning Demonstration and Discussion: Inexpensive 3D scanning and Scans and models completed by the Instructor using Photogammetry.
4. Explanation of 3D Printing technologies and their various applications.
5. Discussion on the vast variety of printing materials.
6. A display of 3D models printed by the Instructor

The prosthetic that inspired Ferro came from an individual who took it upon himself to develop an affordable alternative for his missing  four digits. The hand opens and closes with the aid of wrist muscles. With a cost of roughly $100 for the printing opposed to an estimated $10,000 for a traditional prosthetic offering the same capabilities. Inspired by the story, Ferro joined other volunteers mobilizing in a large-scale movement with access to 3D printers that design and print prosthetic hands for those in need at no cost to the recipient. E-nabling The Future happens to be an example of this particular breed of organization. Fortunately, Mr. Ferro is a member of the organization and continues to offer his services to those in need. It is with a spirit and gumption inherent in individuals like Mr. Ferro that showcase the best traits found across the expanding 3D printing community.