3D Printing

Prodways 3D Printing Resin Hits the Market

French industrial 3D printer manufacturer Prodways has just begun supplying its first batch of resin, designed and produced in-house, and its first customer will be using it, along with three Prodways 3D printer, to fabricate biomedical products.

3D printed skull from prodways

Though Prodways refrains from naming their customer, the manufacturer indicates that the biomedical company is the first to use their proprietary 3D printing resins.  Having ordered three Prodways machines this year, the firm will be using an estimated several hundred kilograms of resin per year for just one machine alone.

This resin is only the first to be sold by Prodways so far, but it is also meant to be their core material as they begin marketing a broad range of 3D printing materials.  On top of their own, however, the company will be half-open to third party material providers, so long as their are approved by Prodways.  This, Prodways believes, will ensure both quality and a great material selection to their customers.  In turn, the company will also continue selling resins for use with their competitors’ 3D printing equipment, as material sales makes up for the company’s major revenue at the moment.