3D Printing

Put a 3D Printed Bird On It!

Dammit, Dutch designers! Why do you have to make such unique and cute designs? You can simply take a 3D-printed bird, stick it on a light bulb, and, suddenly, we’re blessed with an adorable piece of home decor. Really, the work of Dutch designers like Studio Macura isn’t fair to the rest of the world.

studio macura 3D printed bird lamp colors

Take a look through Studio Macura’s site. You’ll see way too many playful pops of colour. The aforementioned bird, for instance, is a 3D printed item, available in a rainbow of hues, that is attached to Macura’s Leti pendant lamp to transform a simple black,white, or red cord into something quaint and fun.

studio macura 3D printed bird bookmark

The studio has also come up with a bird-themed bookmark, a 3D printed dove attached to a piece of string. Use the string to keep your place, while your feathered little friend stands on, pecks at, or flies above your pages.

Studio macura wire magazine rack

Outside of their 3D printed birdies, the Dutch artists have an entire collection of streamlined design. Macura’s line also includes: a double-sided vase (flip it over, depending on the length of your flower stems), a dual-headed watering canister made from sleek porcelain, and a wine-stopper that also works as a coaster. The studio even sells a very plain magazine rack – just metal wire, bent into a convenient and aesthetically appealing shape. It’s like they’re not even trying and they make things look good! But I guess that’s the essence of great design.

Source: Studio Macura