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I Can Make So You Can Build — Model Kits with 3D Printing

I Can Make, a British company, plans to offer 3D printed kits for airplanes and trains. The venture promises to be the contemporary version of a tradition spanning many generations. I Can Make will not settle for model kits already in its 12-kit breadth with plans to include the Stephenson’s Rocket, a Gloster E28/29 Jet, and a Spaceship One. Customers will purchase their desired kit and be allowed to download the file in order to manifest their 3D printed model.

modelkits 3d printingThe designs debuted in the UK at the Maker Faire in Newcastle and will touch on US soil mid-May. I Can Make team member and former CTO of Moshi Monsters, Chris Thorpe, was shortlisted as a semi-finalist in Virgin Media Pioneer’s Pitch to Rich competition, and hoped to use the prize money to visit the real Spaceship One and laser scan it in order to create a more accurate model plan. Attention to detail ought to increase the quality of the model kits finding newfound popularity as it has with Airfix kits in the past.

With 3D printing, the kits can be printed in a variety of colours limited to the capabilities of the printer used. Model kits have been a staple activity and long-lasting edifice of meticulous work and fun. As 3D printing continues to emerge, new uses continue to follow, and it often includes a resurgence of nostalgic activities or hobbies or hardcore habits. Each level of enthusiast can be found in the airplane and train model venue. The product by I Can Make sits old and new at the table and it looks like the beginning of a promising business model encouraging the proliferation of both passions.

Source: Telegraph

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